Jewellery is women next best friend, especially diamonds. C Club @ Pavillion definitely get some extra cookie points from me for having jewellery and food in one location.
For a dazzling night/day out, why not try out this swanky place filled with carats and chandelier located at the top floor of pavillion?

Their gastronome affair won me over. We ordered the 4 course meal for a set price of RM138 (you can order anything in the ala carte menu regardless of the price!!) The course consist of:-

(A) Pleasure Raw & Live Oyster Tasting Platter that includes varieties of oysters such as 2 coffin bays, 1 canadian & 1 fin de claire


(B) Start Me up- Any choice of starters from the a la carte menu

(C) Blow Hot Blow Cold- Any Choice of soup or salad from the ala carte menu

(D) Meaty Seduction- Any Choice of MAIN from the ala carte menu

(E) Sweet Temptations- Any Choice of desserts from the ala carte menu

Your meal will come with a glass of any juice and coffee or tea.

There is also an option to choose 5 course meal that cost RM178 inclusive of (A) and (B) instead of choosing either one.

Im no accountant, in fact i flunk at math up till university (not that im bragging), but having a kiasu nature, i waste no time to sum up the most expensive dishes in different course to gauge the worth of this affair. AND YES it is worth it!

We went suckers for the oyster for our first course that comes in three different types of dips. Totally unnecessary because the oyster is fresh as it is. Bit of lemon is all it needs

Shellfish bisque with a dash of cognac consist of scallop, baby crab and prawn. The broth is rich and robust in flavours. And thank godness for the dash of cognac. A little alkie goes a loooonnngg way

Why are you even surprise that i ordered the most expensive main dish in the menu? Kiasuness is my middle name. Priced at RM70+ we have the Grilled aged fillet beef with wasabi & sea urchin butter served with wakame, broccolini & tempura shimeji mushroom. It does sound fancy and TASTE fancy. We loved the creamy sauce paired with red meat. However much to our dissapointment, the beef was slightly overcook, and it being a thick piece, we had to give our gum some work out here. Otherwise this dish has an interesting marriage of flavours.

Ending with a sweet note, we have the chocolate fudge/ brownie paired with ice cream. Small portion but enough to satisfy the chocolate crave.
You almost cant go wrong with chocolate AND ice cream.

Not part of the RM138 four course meal, the fettucine carbonara is well prepared with mushrooms and bacon pieces. Im absolute smitten with cream.

Our bill came up to RM300+ (we ordered other things which i did not took pics of). The lobster salad is pretty yums too.

Trust crazieapple to take the worst angled pics of such nicely decorated and classy restaurant.


Food: 7/10
(i thought there was an improvement in the dishes since my last visit here, i saw this foie gras tasting platter cooked in three ways that i really want to try for the next visit)

Ambience: 7.5/10
(diamonds. check. bubblies. check- perfecto!)

Service: 7/10
(we were well attended, and the staffs are well-versed with their menu and can quickly recommend according to our tastebuds)

Presentation of food: 8/10

Overall: 7.5/10


C Club (Carat Club)

Level 5 & 6,
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-21418260


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