*waves* Has it been so long since my last entry?! Time passes by too quickly. It doesnt help that the entry i took 1 week to write with much effort did not autosaved itself and end up wiping out all my effort (and my time)

Prior to my Melbourne Trip last week, i've tried to explore more eateries, bars, clubs so my activities of the week evolved around eat, drink, drunk, hangover, eat .. u'd get my drift :)

One of the particular bar with a cutting edge that inspired me is Der Raum @ Richmond. Voted Cocktail bar of the year at the Australia Bartender Awards, No. 12 in the world's 50 best bars by Drinks International, and Austrlia's 10 most influential bar by Australian Bartender Magazine in 2010, Der Raum's ("The room" in german) credentials are endless and indeed impressive.

What differs this bar among the rest is their emphasis on quality drinks. To ensure their commitment in quality, Der Raum adopted a closed door policy with priority access provided by their membership holders. Don't expect seeing big signages at the door. It's not a place where you can walk by and discover, and this just further elevated the exclusivity of the bar.

Der Raum doesnt occupy a very large area, the room was dimly lit with not many sitting tables. Might as well, as the real showcase occupies the centerstage of the room, where spirit bottles were hanged above the bartender's head with bungy cords. It was definitely visually attractive watching the bartenders utilizing those liquors to make those innovative cocktails. (almost like an artform). Their cocktails are bound to please even the pickiest drinkers.

And if you think degustation menu only applies for food, think again. Der Raum provides an interesting 5 course menu (drinks that is) for those who couldn't make up their minds. "Tourist Route" its called, and with AUD80, this degustation will set to bring you through a collection of their popular drinks, from Arrival, Pharmacy, Teachers Tripple, Captain Blackbeer, and Departure. And For those who wishes a more hardcore journey, you should opted for the "Tour De Force" (AUD140) comprising of 8 course expansive cocktail selection.

1/ Spirits hanging above bartender's head with bungy cords

2/ Fancy some "zombie"? Rum, fresh tropical fruit, and flaming caramelized passionfruit 
Bartender making our drinks with sheer concentration

Pharmacy - Pear and Roasted Capsicum Gin with Sweet Italian Bitters. The brilliant part? Citrus pill, to pop into your mouth after all the "medicine". A light concotion that's a women pleaser

Our drinks waiting to be served *rubs hand in glee*

Fuck the Surpreme: Der Raum Kummel, Cognac, Citrus, and Champagne.
One should stay abid to the law, because if you dont, u'd get this- a nasty mixture

El Moroccan Blazer, Hennessy VS Cognac, Sweet Port, Flamed Lime & Pineapple. Yummay!

Death in the Afternoon, Spiced Absinthe, Champagne, Rosemary

Sayer au Champagne, Champagne, Grand Marnier, Maraschino, Vanilla

El Pozolero- Mezcal, Italian Vermouth, Citrus, Mole Bitters, and Maple Stewed plum

Bees Knees: Tanquerey Gin, Pressed lemon and Nitro honey nest. Another pleasing drink for the ladies

Ms Jazz n Crazieapple <3

If you can only visit one bar when you're in Melbourne, Look no further than DER RAUM.

Der Raum
438, Church St,
Richmond, (corner of Chuch n Swan St)
Melbourne, Australia
Open at 5pm-10pm daily

http://www.derraum.com.au/ for more information.


Sean said...

wow that's a lotta creativity and flair! now if only one of their mixologists would move to kl :D

Michelle Chin said...

omo! I don't even know this place exists! cos i don't drink! hahaha!

AugustDiners said...

sean: my thoughts exactly :)
michelle: what! no drinks? ure missing out in life haha :D

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