I.am.now.typing.this.in.silverspoon. *hiccup*

Allow me to be emotional a little, as i indulge alone overlooking the restaurant with a Dunkel Weihenstephaner on my hand. *hiccup* I was thinking, how lovely it would be if there's a new awesomeness restaurant miraculously pop out of no-where. Ever since coming back from my non-too-long-holiday, i have not seen sparkles in my eyes when restaurant is mentioned. And when ask what to have for dinner, it would be "whatever suits u best" which.is.like.totally.not.ME. I DO NOT do whatever. I always have at the back of my mind what to eat before i was even asked.

So today.. just because i feel like writing something *hiccup* i would like to share with you my recent trip to Yarra Valley, Melbourne. Given the constant gloomy weather of melbourne, we were hoping with fingers and toes crossed hard for a good weather.
God must be feeling in a breezy mood that day, because we did have our good weather, albeit one that was slightly chilly, but with a couple of wine down my throat, im already feeling warm and fuzzy allover =)

For more information on Yarra Valley wineries, you can refer to their visitor website

Before i head into too much details, i'd like to apologise from our long lost absence. Mainly because of Crazieapple being busy with l**e, and Crusader bz with something that starts with a C, ends with a C, and has a C in the middle. Go figure. For me, which neither has l**e nor CCC, still manage to occupy my time with W**K. 9 hours a day is barely enough.

So back to the topic. I enjoyed myself immensely in Yarra Valley. We woke up late that day and only made our journey there at 2-ish, which means we barely had time to visit all the wineries, so we picked a few. Yering Station, Yarrawood, and Tarra Warra.
Who says theres nothing free in this world. In yarra valley, there is plenty of FREE wine tasting. You can just stand by their wine tasting area whole day and try all the wines they have to offer. We often started with the whites that leads to the dessert wines, then red light bodied, to the full bodied, and by the end of the testing, your palate is so mixed up that you forgot which is good and end up buying the whole lot. This is their strategy me thinks, EVIL! It doesnt help that the wines are so deliciously cheap, we end up buying a few bottles at every stop we made.
We drank a couple of bottles and brought back a few to further continue our night as most wineries closes at 5pm. Needless to say, i was happily drunk that night.

Among all the wineries, we enjoyed ourselves at Tarra Warra the best, perhaps it was because we manage to catch the sunset which was breathtaking, and perhaps it was our last stop of the day, and we've already got ourselves filled with some loving sexy wines, and you know.. feeling warm and fuzzy all over. =)

Without further ado, here are some of our camwhore pictures (few of the many that we took on our trip)

Love this pic!

Cheers to good health!!!

Too many pictures to absorb in one entry, isn't it!?


Michelle Chin said...

so pretty one!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i hope you had a designated driver haha!

ulric said...

I c wallpaper in this one:



Pureglutton said...

Love those pics taken with the sun behind!

Augustdiners said...

michelle: yessss! sometimes i find hard to believe its just so close to town and so convenient to drop by and swing a few bottles over the weekends.

joe: there was, and it wasnt me. :D

ulric: uh-huh, spot on, im using it as my current wallpaper hehe!

Augustdiners said...

pureglutton: it is pretty huh? how i wish i get to see this outside my window everyday :)

Man Fai said...

3rd photo from bottom is the best. Gonna look great as pc wall paper.

Augustdiners said...

Man Fai: Thanks :):)

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