You may refer to my previous visit HERE, and HERE. One would think that i'll be sick of Gu Yue Tian by now. =P
We were quick to approve the type of cuisine when suggested to dinner one night. Chinese sounds heavenly, but Gu Yue Tian wasn't what i had in mind. (i was thinking more mamak- hawker style hokkien mee!)
Nevertheless my hesitation was quickly put aside as the thought of kobe beef seep into me. I can never say no to Chef Frankie's Kobe Beef.

Foie gras with scallop and fruits pieces. Chef used strawberry and cempedak in this dish. Complement with the orange and soya sauce, it was a refreshing combination but slightly too fruity for me. The mixture of taste with tanginess as with its orange sauce, sweetness with its fruits, saltiness with its soya sauce gives this dish a complex taste.

Sharkfin with Pork intestine. If you're looking for something to spice up your life, this is your type of soup. Who would have thought sharkfin and pork intestines goes well together, but indeed it does.

My dear friend, Mr. Beef from Kobe. I devour every bite slowly with each bite, the juiciness of the beef just spurs within the mouth. There is lots of technique and effort put into this dish, and Chef make sure he is the one who cuts up the kobe beef to retain maximum juice and fragrant
The girl has no complain

It wasn't all that weird to order hokkien mee with extra pork lard, after all that was my initial intention for dinner tonight. The ones made in Gu Yue Tian was good. Not overly delicious like the ones in Ong Lai, but nevertheless enough to satisfy a craving. At least they have the "wok" element

Loh Mee was one of the better ones we've had

Complimentary highland single malt scotch whiskey, Macallan 1851 inspiration.

Complimentary, Abalone sashimis.

Avocado Puree was a refreshing end to a very scrumptious meal.

It's already 1am here. *yawns* what a night it has been, just finish watching IP MAN, it was really good! Recommend to all out there to watch.

Biero bar is the new hit in town babehh!!

The refurbished old Precinct now caters all types of imported premium beer- i bet alot of them we've never heard of..

I mean, how often do you see Weihenstephan being served from the tab?

Apparently the food there is really yummy too - they serve fusion style tapas as well.. I had the honour meeting their chef and from the look of his size, i'm pretty sure he is one food expert!! hehe Just kidding! =)

Have yet to try the food out but it won't be long till i pay my second and third and forth...... visit soonz!

The ambience in the bar is excellent for after work drinking session and those who's looking for a chilling night out.. Possibly a potential spot to search for good looking suited working men- husband quality??.. teehee

Did someone say something about "charming working men?" It has officially became my new favourite hang out spot!! =) 

On the night itself, i think i've introduced my new love to at least 5 people and they LOVE IT!!

Edwin & Iqbal, care to hire a beer promoter? hehe 

Biero bar
525 Little Lonsdale St,
Melbourne, VIC
(Corner of Little Lonsdale and Williams St)

Finally, the much awaited SILVERSPOON TRATTORIA official opening was yesterday. The support and response were overwhelming! Congradulatory flowers that spillover to the lift lobby making the lobby looking like a florist. But one does not complain about receiving too many flowers =P

Silverspoon was fully booked yesterday, with 100+ pax i was worried that my staff will not be able to handle it, but i must praise that they did a marvellous job. NOT PERFECT, but satisfactory. There's always space for improvement.

90% of our menu is available to the public now.
I've almost but tried every single available dish in the menu, and has put on weight so quickly that it's not even funny. Oddly i didnt manage to capture many food pictures till now.

Char-grilled calamari salad (on rocket, cherry tomato, onion, salad with lime and chilli vinaigrette)

Fish Soup (rich and aromatic, served with rouille)

Half dozen Oyster Kilpatrick

Stuffed Mushrooms (Portobello mushrooms filled with fresh breadcrumbs, herbs & parmesan cheese, grilled)

Al Pesto Con Cappansata (Linguine with pan-seared scallop, pine nut & freshly made pesto sauce)

Lamb Shank (tender lamb shank braised with white wine, vegetable & brown lamb stock served on potato mash), it's absolutely divine

Grilled Baby Snapper (with lemon & capers sauce, serve with warm potato & bean salad) clearly a winner dish

I forgot what pizza is this, but Chef Eric made is the way i like my pizza to be, thinly crusted and crisp. Yums 

Me (looking ridiculously plump) and my Managing Director cum Master Chef, Chef Ken
There's a story behind this plate, which i'll explain later.

Friends who came by for dinner. :)

F&B business is actually pretty fun. It helps that i like to eat so much too. I'll update from time to time about SILVERSPOON in future, but time for me to look out the window and continue with my gastronome journey elsewhere.

Bandar Klang Baru is as foreign to me as to everyone is with Bandar Manjalara.
Im typing this entry in my new restaurant Silverspoon as we speak, sipping my absolute favourite beer in the world- Weihenstephan. If anyone ask, yes i did INSIST the beer to be sold here. *grins*

As with most things, there is up and down side of opening a restaurant, good thing about this restaurant is i get to meet so many wonderful people who really appreciate food and wine, i had the luxury of drinking RM8000 worth of red wine 2 nights ago, and it was absolutely splendid! I was also taught by a swiss diner who is a friend of the Chef's on how to appreciate different countries of wine. A friend even gave us a book about wine that explains from how its suppose to be serve and taste.
The downside is, instead of my usual 5pm working hours, it somehow dragged into 11pm.

DA TUAN YUAN 团员冷气饭店 in BANDAR KLANG BARU developed by ACMAR Group is very far in distance (to us), but we did not hesitate to visit after a loooong week of italian food. Reservation during peak hours is a MUST! otherwise please brace for yourself for a long waiting because this place is almost always packed.  

Air conditioned room but has a large extended area outside as the business is really blooming.

Double Platter of BBQ Pork and Roasted Pork. The BBQ Pork flairs better with its sweet char siew sauce and tender meat, but i didnt much like the roasted pork as the skin is not crisp and tasted rather dry

"Sei dai tin wong" which im unable to translate to English =P Fills with luscious dried shrimp, long bean and brinjal, it's my absolute favourite and goes really well with a bowl of white rice.

Tiny squids deep fried and mixed with honey was OK. The one in Greenview Restaurant, PJ tasted better. I never much appreciate this dish before anyway.

This baby here is what we really drive 40 minutes for. The steamed assam fish was done with expertise. What we love is the sauce- not too spicy and strong. You can take a pick of the parts of fish you want instead of taking the whole fish as it can get pretty filling especially with a small crowd. So we ordered the front part of the fish.   

Steamed Pomfret with Special Sauce was worth ordering too. The Pomfret came out with a large portion mixed with ginger, coriander, chilli, and garlic. It tasted like Melbourne. (funnily) Me and Crazieapple used to cook a lot at home in a tiney weeny kitchen, and the only fish we steam at home would be pomfret. Yums

All these and mantis prawn fried with salted egg yolk (not in pic), and stir fry vege (not in the pic) only cost us RM200!
It's definitely value for money that keeps diners coming back for more.


Da Tuan Yuan
No. 22G, Jalan Tiara 2D/ KU1,
Pusat Perniagaan BBK,
41150 Klang Selangor

Tel: 03-3342 9309

It's annual custom among my group of friends to celebrate our birthday with the "family". By family, i meant my close group of friends that we've been sharing happy times with, since 5 years ago..

For Chee Leung and Ching's birthday, we've decided to try out somewhere we've never tried before. We settled for Kuni's at Little Bourke St (Birthday Boy's choice)..

This is when i sneakily took a picture of their exterior, hoping that no one sees the jakun me.. But Matt just had to drive pass at the very same time and honked me from behind!!! *jumps*

We ordered a few dishes from appetizers to main course to share among 6 of us.. There were 13 of us but we normally spilt our orders
Beef tataki

It's slighty seared, not entirely raw, which makes it a bit too chewy and jaw soaring.. I personally much prefer the one from Ito (their raw beef with raw egg yolk + sesame dressing = salivation!!)

Yasai Salad
Salad of coarsely chopped vegetables with special sesame dressing

The vege tasted really funny and i'm really not the biggest fan of salads..

The obligatory sashimi that is a must order in every Jap meal. Decent texture and freshness but pathetic portion- not to mention this is already the "main" size portion.

Kama Shioyaki- Grilled King Fish Cheek

Nicely salted and grilled to its perfection. Too small of a portion for 6 people.. We had to suck to its very last bits for some mere satisfaction.

The beef are thinly sliced cooked in a sweet sauce (almost like teriyaki sauce). Nice but forgettable. The portion, again, is Pathetic with a capital P!!

Wafu Beef steak

The beef is cooked to its perfect pinkness and sauce was so addictive to the extent that you would wanna pour it over your rice and eat it as it is!!

As normal as the food was, the services here are the worst i've ever seen in any Melbourne restaurant. The food preparation are turtle slow and whatever we asked for, we had to ask twice, if not thrice.. The portion of the food are not for big eaters, like yours truly.. So prepare to order more than just one main if u eat like me.. =)
We paid 45 aud each person (bill was shared between 6). An 8 bucks Maccas value meal would be much filling for our monster appetite.

Verdict: The place is very forgettable and nothing to shout about, really. Probably the first and last time we'll be paying our visit here.

Being a nocturnal,  i can never wake up in time for breakfast. Lucky for all-day breakfast, making it possible for me to still have breakfast brunch at 2pm.

Cortile is one of the very few cafe in the city that provides late breakfast on weekday. Good enough for some breakfast fix that was much needed..

Located in the little alley (called Block Place) off Little Collins, among all the other cafes.
The hustle and bustle of city is finally slowed down with serene ambience like this.

I regretted not ordering the usual- Cafe Latte, instead i ordered Ice coffee which comes with a HUGE slab of whipped cream!! Talk about high calories.. And it was pretty tasteless.. Disappointment

Not a big fan of eggs so i ordered Smoked Salmon Bruchetta complimented with feta cheese and olives.

The bread was pretty hard to chew and it was a really dry dish to try out as my first meal.. But they were really generous with their portion.. I was glutted by the time i'm done with my first piece of bread.

This is a crown-pleaser. Ching, Tiok and Mel picked this dish out without much hesitance. The regulars sure know what they want!! hehe

Egg benedict with smoke salmon.. Normally, this dish is served with sour dough but for some reason, they gave them normal bread only..

The only man there opted for very unhealthy dish for an early start- Fish and Chips.

Tiok with her cute tea set.

Mel savouring her Melbourne breakkie, something you'll be missing when u're back in KL!

Ching from Gourmettoglam

Apparently, the corn fritters here are highly recommended. Do pop by earlier than 12pm for their full breakfast menu choices, we were late- so there was only very few for us to choose from.. =P
You know what they say about early birds now..

Not the best breakfast joint out there but good enough to hang around in City.. =)

Caffe Cortile
30 Block Place, Melbourne,
Tel 03 9650 1564

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