Ten Japanese Restaurant has finally re-opened its door after what seemed like a long long wait for me. I remembered my first experience with their publika outlet was also my last, not because it wasn’t good, it was in fact a truly enjoyable experience, but sadly they were due to close the following week due to its plan to shift over to MARC Residence.
Ten in MARC Residence overtook the former Delicious, and now operating at a bigger area that sees a welcoming entrance with high ceiling levels that brings out the restaurant elegance and character with clever partitions to create different dining ambience in one space.

The current menu is one of simplicity as they are still not fully open to the public yet. Their starters ranges at RM40-RM60, whilst their mains were at RM65-RM320 (Australia live spiny lobsters! Sounds Yum!)

Something to look out for is their teppanyaki set, sushi set (RM260), and omakase set (RM300) to have a good samplings on everything chef has to offer. Should you opted for the teppanyaki and sushi sets, you must be seated at the chef’s working table- they were very adamant about this.
Our fellow foodie Sean opted for the Omakase Set, which entails a long-winding yet pleasurable 10-course samplings, you can hop on to his blog to read about it, whilst I opted for the ala carte options.

First up, Salmon and Avocado with Ten’s spicy dressing (RM45). Interesting presentation as its ingredients were rolled into a refreshing bite size that blends well with its dressing.

Sushi Moriawase (RM80) came a standard set which comprises of 6 pieces which wasn’t too exciting. Taste wise was also quite mediocre, though I do enjoy the eel and sweet shrimp the most.

Sashimi Moriawase (RM180) flairs better. A deluxe set with 8 choices of whatever came fresh which I hope you won’t ask me what it is, because I have no idea. I don’t have much opinion of this but generally KAME sushi would be a more ideal place for your sashimi kick at a more reasonable price.

Aburi Chutoro & Negi Kinpira with Ikura Soy sauce (RM90), seafood overload for a night, nevertheless this scorched tuna mid belly with sautéed spring onion does not fail to please.
Unagi Kabayaki with Mashed Sensyo (RM60) has a surprise visitor! We were genuinely pleased to see some foie gras dancing with exuberance on the plate of Grilled eel with mashed Japanese Sansyo pepper. The foie was not listed in the menu. Happy and boastful on the extra “something”, it is only towards the end of the day we found a bill of (RM90) for this dish. But all was forgiven because it was some pretty decent sized foie gras. We deem this the best ala carte dish of the night

Gindara Saikyoyaki Yuzu Miso (RM75) has its mixed reviews. While I thought that it was a pleasant enough dish aibeit slightly dry (you can never go wrong with cod!), there were comments that it was slight bitter, most probably the cause of its skin.

Carbs alert! Wagyu Garlic rice (RM40) with asparagus is sufficient to filled me up, it was a very different version from Rakuzen’s. A lighter version which some may prefer.
Finish our meal with a refreshing end- YUZU sorbet
Our meal came at a high cost, we blame the three bottles of sakes (RM350++ for 720ml bottle each), and left with some very empty wallets and dejected souls. Clearly, the food appears to be less impressive from its former establishment, given the natural high expectations from one of the top Japanese fine dining in KL, but comparatively to many mainstream Japanese restaurants out there, TEN would still be a restaurant that is sought-worthy for quality over quantity Japanese cuisine.

In our room overlooking the small garden. everyone seemed happy about something :)


Food: 6.5/10
(Sean's omakase seem to flair better, i loved the tuna with truffle oil! I'm looking forward to check out Ten's teppanyaki set next!)

Ambience: 8.5/10
(good for all things, be it entertainment, celebration, or just genuinely wants a quality japanese meal)

Service: 7/10
(only because of that cute server)

Presentation of food: 8.5/10

Overall rating: 7.5/10


Ten Japanese Restaurant
Ground Floor, Marc Service Residence,
Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 5999

I’m back to the food prowling scene (yay!), now that my own restaurant has sets its foot right and I can spend lesser time there. After my dining experience with Cantaloupe, it’s natural that its neighbor Strato would be next on the list.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this Italian Restaurant. Occupying the mezzanine floor of the 24th floor, leaded up by a long winding beautiful spiral staircase shows a simple cosy dining area that is split into two sections. A simple menu was set on the table which shows a small selection yet every bit so delicious sounding menu, I’m so tempted to try every single one of them- and maybe I will! The menu is mostly Italian comfort food, the ones you may find in many f&b outlets but with the right execution, an interesting twist of flavours and ingredients here and there, it does make it refreshingly different from others, you’ll see what I mean as you read on. This place definitely warrants a second visit. Prices varies along RM25-55 for starters, RM40-55 for mains with the most expensive items being fresh lobster linguini (RM85), desserts RM25-30

The starters were excellent. We loved all three that we’ve ordered. Beef Carpaccio with fried morel mushrooms are my favourite among all. The lovely texture of thinly sliced raw beef drizzled with just right amount morel oil goes perfectly well with rocket leaves and parmesan shaves. Then there was a debate over the Brine cured rare beef with tuna anchovy sauce (RM45) or the Fresh mussels with fried country bread with spicy arrabiata sauce (RM40), and the latter won, because I’m such a sucker for mussels and boy it was so fresh with such nice gentle texture that was not overpowered with the tomato based sauce. The Scallops with Duck Bacon and Cannellini bean (RM55) were equally good. Big and Plump, cooked with just the perfect doneness- in this case just a quick seared reveal a semi-raw flesh that tasted so fresh that I could not get enough of. There were 4 pieces to share and I was too shy to suggest a 3-way cut for the last piece. Surprisingly the cannellini beans and apricot chutney married so well in flavors, you’ll want to finish every single bit of it

Ok down to the main course. Firstly it was the potato gnocchi gorgonzola with pickled walnuts (RM45), pure comfort Italian traditional food, just like how your grandmama should cook it. The gnocchi was soft, pillowy (is there such word?) texture and the cheese was semi-strong in flavors but just right that it doesn’t get quite relenting rich (or jelak as we Malaysians puts it)

My absolute new addiction is the squid ink linguini with prawns, artichoke cream and fried artichokes (RM50). It’s such a simple comfort dish yet it was perfect. The sauce was spot on and the texture of squid ink (I believe it’s homemade) was one of springy delight. I would come back for this again again and again.

Then there was the grilled rib eye steak (RM85). Australian flown about 200grams came with a cut which was way too thin, though given it was an ok size steak, it still lacks the nice steak bite. No complaints with its taste, nicely seasoned and a nice touch with its ricotta, tomatoes, rough chopped basil pesto.

Desserts has always been the highlight of our meals, Strato has very limited choice of 3, we opted for the banana coffee tiramisu and the rice pudding with 3 condiments of nuts, caramel and jam. Though my friend enjoyed her rice pudding whilst I tease her about her “baby food” which it does taste somewhat similar, their tiramisu for me is so-so, granted the banana has a nice touch to this dessert, but to me it’s just plain banana cake with mascarpone. Nevertheless, it would be a decent choice for you sweet tooth-ers to end your meal with this.

My awesome dining companion

After meal, we decided to check out Claret Wine Bar situated just below the restaurant, very limited wine choices with only 6 labels, so we opted for a nice light French wine Domaine De Pellehaut 2009 (RM180approx), it was overall a thoroughly enjoyable meal, and it will be one I will recommend for those who’s looking for genuine delicious Italian food.

(p/s. ladies watch those short skirt of yours, because the Claret Wine Bar’s customer will have a fully view of your bottoms while you climb the stairs to Strato…)


Food: 8.5/10

Service: 8/10
(pleasant and efficient)

Ambience: 8/10
(perfect for all occasions, though a pity the view is not as nice as cantaloupe's)

Presentation of food: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


Strato Italian Restaurant
Level 23A, Troika Sky Dining
Troika, Lorong Binjai
Tel: 03-21620886

First it was Acme Bar & Coffee which was an excellent café with chic and modern ambience, then came along my long-time favourite Kampachi, and now the 24th floor sky dining Cantaloupe, which is the offsprings of people behind Frangipani, Troika sees no ends to making its building a new dining hub in KL. Yippee!

Adjourning to Cantaloupe is a place guarantee for a good and quiet drink or two- a wine bar named Claret, and Strato, the Italian restaurant which my friend commented served pretty damn good pasta, i’m looking forward to give it a try.

Upon arrival we were shown our way to a beautiful lit corridor that unveil first its wine bar, Claret then leads us down to the double volume spacious dining space of Cantaloupe with a sweeping view of the Twin Tower. In fact, we were pleased to be placed at a table with the maximum enjoyment of the view. Cantaloupe is no doubt relays a fine dining atmosphere, however use of designer furniture, and careful planned spaces with different level platform and water element sees a more casual and private ambience. It reminds a bit of Frangipani, We like.

Their menu is one of compact choices of 5-6 items per section but all that sounds equally enticing as we slowly walk through the content with our eyes. Indeed there was a debate of what to choose for a good 15 minutes or so because all items sounds very very exciting. That, however comes with a hefty price tag of starters-RM48onwards, Main Course average RM80-RM120, and dessert RM45. But you will want to pay for the ambience.
In a nutshell, we felt that Cantaloupe dishes may be too experimental to our likings, but this is just a personal preference- much similar to our experience with Lafite in Shangri-la, sure there is one or two dishes that caught us hanging and left us happy, like the lobster bisque and wagyu steak. The rest, we wade through skepticism, unsure how we felt about it, maybe due to our minimal exposure to this fine culinary scene. Pardon us if we offend.

Amuse Bouche of the evening, smokied catfish with potato confit. A compliment beginning to the gastronomic journey that Executive chef Chris Bauer would bound to bring.

Starting off with the Fine De Claire oysters with marinated anchovy cream, cucumber jelly & Japanese cucumber (48), came out light and refreshing dish that came in petite four presentation, taste wise is so-so.   

Chorizo Spiced Salt Dusted on Scallops, Caramelised Onion Slices, Wild Seasonal Mushrooms, Parsley Foam, “Bacon” and Ancho Chilli Oil. (RM75), we enjoyed the plump scallop, which should be a tad jucier, while the other elements combine well in taste, it wasn’t mind blowing.

Rosemary Smoked lobster bisque, tomato jelly, beurre noisette cured lobster, lobster emulsion (RM56), according to my dine partner, this is by far the better bisque she’s had and thoroughly enjoyed to the last sip of liquid.

In between meals, a complimentary palate cleanser, a tea infused ice cube with Lemon Thyme syrup and mint

Toasted oats crust of peekytoe crab cooked ala carbonara (RM75) with applewood smoked duck breast, winter truffles and scattering of brussel trouts. We loved the fresh and sweetness of the crab which was not overpowered by the rest of the ingredient, the applewood smoked duck breast is an interesting pairing, crisp and resembles very much to normal applewood bacon. Overall order worthy.

My favourite of the night goes to this, Roast Wagyu Sirloin Pave and Cheek Pot-au-Feu terrine (what’s that) with Warm Beef Jelly (What’s that?) and Japonaise Sauce (What’s that???). (RM175), with all these fancy foreign names, I relied on its description that promises me a different contrast of two method of cooking its beef, one of tender bliss from its pot-au-feu, which by the way is beef stew, and another pairing of sirloin steak, with texture just right for me to gently forked through, down to the very last bit. Nom Nom Noms!

There are also those on the list that looks interesting that may need a deeper pocket, like their starter Oscietra Caviar “panna cotta” lemon Tapioca (RM98?) and their main course Scotia Lobster with crispy fried beef tendon and green Chartrouse Emulsion (RM198),  I need a pay raise now!!

Desserts! Boy were we excited, all dessert has a standard price of RM45. The eye catching ones and also advised by its servers being the best two sellers were Pina Colada and Black Forest Bombe. Fingers crossed!

Out came the Pina Colada with pineapple, poached sous-vide with Madagascar Vanilla, Coconut Sherbet, Macadamia Nut Brittle, Hot buttered Rum Sphere, Sichuan pepper Foam. What a interesting description, it taste like- well, what do you know, the Pina Colada drink- Mocktail version! The sous vide pineapple has an interesting soft texture, if you put all the ingredients into one bite, it was one combination that was melded nicely but does it make us go wow? Nah.

Being a Chocolate Lover, It is no brainer we would go for the Black forest Bombe, dehydrated Dark Chocolate Cake, Marinated morello Cherries, Chantilly, Chocolate and Cognac. Comfort food it is! Oh just scoop all those wonderful dark bitter chocolate in your mouth and melt yourself with happiness!! Such a tease!! more more more please!

For drinks, we started off with our personal favourite, I’m a happy girl with Hendriks Gin, tonic with a slice off cucumber and lime (RM33). My dinner companion opted for her Belvedere Vodka, Tonic and Lime (RM25), but felt the alcohol content was barely tasted and drop in an additional shot of Vodka, still weak. To go with my steak, a beautiful medium bodied French wine Vacqueyras “Azalais”, Domaine Le Sang Des Cailloux (RM46 by glass, RM214 by bottle)

Service is speckless. The pleasant servers kept their distance but close enough to pay attention to the customer, an eye contact or a wave of hand, they will be by your side within seconds.

Good Night KL, it was a good one!


Food: 6.5/10
We appreciate that they take experiment to a new height, looking forward to come back to try other enticing sounding dish!
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 8.5/10
Good for special occasions
Presentation of food: 8/10

Overall: 8/10
Thank you Cantoloupe for this gastronomic journey, keep it up!


Troika Sky Dining, Level 23A, Troika,
Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03-21620886 for reservation

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