I’m back to the food prowling scene (yay!), now that my own restaurant has sets its foot right and I can spend lesser time there. After my dining experience with Cantaloupe, it’s natural that its neighbor Strato would be next on the list.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this Italian Restaurant. Occupying the mezzanine floor of the 24th floor, leaded up by a long winding beautiful spiral staircase shows a simple cosy dining area that is split into two sections. A simple menu was set on the table which shows a small selection yet every bit so delicious sounding menu, I’m so tempted to try every single one of them- and maybe I will! The menu is mostly Italian comfort food, the ones you may find in many f&b outlets but with the right execution, an interesting twist of flavours and ingredients here and there, it does make it refreshingly different from others, you’ll see what I mean as you read on. This place definitely warrants a second visit. Prices varies along RM25-55 for starters, RM40-55 for mains with the most expensive items being fresh lobster linguini (RM85), desserts RM25-30

The starters were excellent. We loved all three that we’ve ordered. Beef Carpaccio with fried morel mushrooms are my favourite among all. The lovely texture of thinly sliced raw beef drizzled with just right amount morel oil goes perfectly well with rocket leaves and parmesan shaves. Then there was a debate over the Brine cured rare beef with tuna anchovy sauce (RM45) or the Fresh mussels with fried country bread with spicy arrabiata sauce (RM40), and the latter won, because I’m such a sucker for mussels and boy it was so fresh with such nice gentle texture that was not overpowered with the tomato based sauce. The Scallops with Duck Bacon and Cannellini bean (RM55) were equally good. Big and Plump, cooked with just the perfect doneness- in this case just a quick seared reveal a semi-raw flesh that tasted so fresh that I could not get enough of. There were 4 pieces to share and I was too shy to suggest a 3-way cut for the last piece. Surprisingly the cannellini beans and apricot chutney married so well in flavors, you’ll want to finish every single bit of it

Ok down to the main course. Firstly it was the potato gnocchi gorgonzola with pickled walnuts (RM45), pure comfort Italian traditional food, just like how your grandmama should cook it. The gnocchi was soft, pillowy (is there such word?) texture and the cheese was semi-strong in flavors but just right that it doesn’t get quite relenting rich (or jelak as we Malaysians puts it)

My absolute new addiction is the squid ink linguini with prawns, artichoke cream and fried artichokes (RM50). It’s such a simple comfort dish yet it was perfect. The sauce was spot on and the texture of squid ink (I believe it’s homemade) was one of springy delight. I would come back for this again again and again.

Then there was the grilled rib eye steak (RM85). Australian flown about 200grams came with a cut which was way too thin, though given it was an ok size steak, it still lacks the nice steak bite. No complaints with its taste, nicely seasoned and a nice touch with its ricotta, tomatoes, rough chopped basil pesto.

Desserts has always been the highlight of our meals, Strato has very limited choice of 3, we opted for the banana coffee tiramisu and the rice pudding with 3 condiments of nuts, caramel and jam. Though my friend enjoyed her rice pudding whilst I tease her about her “baby food” which it does taste somewhat similar, their tiramisu for me is so-so, granted the banana has a nice touch to this dessert, but to me it’s just plain banana cake with mascarpone. Nevertheless, it would be a decent choice for you sweet tooth-ers to end your meal with this.

My awesome dining companion

After meal, we decided to check out Claret Wine Bar situated just below the restaurant, very limited wine choices with only 6 labels, so we opted for a nice light French wine Domaine De Pellehaut 2009 (RM180approx), it was overall a thoroughly enjoyable meal, and it will be one I will recommend for those who’s looking for genuine delicious Italian food.

(p/s. ladies watch those short skirt of yours, because the Claret Wine Bar’s customer will have a fully view of your bottoms while you climb the stairs to Strato…)


Food: 8.5/10

Service: 8/10
(pleasant and efficient)

Ambience: 8/10
(perfect for all occasions, though a pity the view is not as nice as cantaloupe's)

Presentation of food: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


Strato Italian Restaurant
Level 23A, Troika Sky Dining
Troika, Lorong Binjai
Tel: 03-21620886


ulric said...

Yay! Thanx for the review...will be definitely paying a visit...especially for the mussels, scallops and d gnocchi...I do love their decor n lighting! :D

The Yum List said...

Looks like a great place!

AugustDiners said...

ulric: and the squid ink spaghetti! Yeah their lighting is very photo friendly!

Yum list: i have a feeling you'll like it :)

stellarvixen said...

Wanna swing by soon! I trust your review haha

AugustDiners said...

stellarvixem: fingerscross my review doesnt dissapoint! :D :D

Sean said...

awesome-looking mussels dish! and the scallops too. it's great to have an italian restaurant that knows how to treat and serve its seafood for maximum satisfaction! :D

AugustDiners said...

Sean: I like the fact they keep the flavours light without overpowering the freshness of the seafood :D

Michelle Chin said...

i didn't know this place exist in troika. anyway, i've shut down my blog for good but there's my tumblr blog. :D

AugustDiners said...

mich: yeah! i was trying to access into your blog several times! Why shut down? i've always enjoyed reading it!

Sycookies said...

I am so attracted to this gnocchi and walnut combination.

AugustDiners said...

sycookies: yep! its a worthy order and a seldom seen combination. Though i wished it had a bit more bite to it. :)

Foodie Girl said...

looks like amazing place, i would love to visit this place soon..thanks for sharing it..

Italian dining restauran

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