It was a bliss driving to Max @ Ihaus (minus all the chaotic traffic near pavillion), thanks to the clear directions that were shown on the lamp post buntings to locate this bungalow-cum-furniture-cum dining place at Jalan Jati.

Max has been around for quite awhile now (previously Max! Kitchen & Wines), and there's no getting rid of him. They have since relocate from Tengkat Tong Shin to this double storey bungalow at Jalan Jati, what i really like about this place is the ample of parking provided. No scratching head looking for a valet here!  *smiles*

The last time i was at Max @ Ihaus, it was almost 8 months ago. I had fond memories of it, everything from its food items to its service has been up-to-par.
It was a pleasant surprise that the server could still remember me despite my last visit being months ago. Service, needless to say is almost flawless.

Max @ Ihaus is a finalist in the Time Out Food Award 2009 for the Best Fusion/ Contemporary Restaurant Category- That is quite a feat. So there has to be a certain food quality to this place.

We went for the degustation menu. At RM120+, you can enjoy a 5 course meal comprising 3 appetizer, 1 main course, and 1 dessert, inclusive a glass of italian Batasiolo Cascine Prosecco.
This, my friends, are really value for money. Our only hesitation is which main dish of our choice should we choose as everything sounds really good.
*Tasting menu require participation of the entire table
We were started off with some complementary Ciabbata which tasted fresh, we couldnt help but ask for another helping.

The furnitures are mostly for sale.. Abby didnt quite like the interior, she found the furnitures a mismatch, myself, on the other hand, find them refreshing.

I told myself, shall i have a daughter next time- i'll definitely decorate her room in extreme pinkness

Italian Batasiolo Cascine Prosecco (inclusive in the tasting menu), light and sweet, a very easy drink.

First Course: The beautiful presented Salad "Nicoise" of Seared Rare Tuna Loin with spanish white anchovies salsa and french bean. (NP: RM38) The Tuna Loin was seared beautifully at the side, and well seasoned. I have no complaints as each bite was delightful. The complement sides however is not my cup of tea. However, Abby gobbled everything down.

Second Course: Pan-seared sea scallops with large clams that came with chicken broth. The scallop and clams were large and quite fresh, and the broth taste fusion. It was okay- but not good enough to recommend.

Third Course: Greenland Halibut Fillet on cream sauce with some bok choy pieces, topped with fish roe. Notice the use of Bok Choy which is known as an asian ingredients and fish roe as japanese often used.
The mixture of creaminess goes well with the fish.

For the main course, i had the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin with Truffle Soubise (150gm) Crovis Grain Mustard Cream and Wilted Asparagus. (NP: RM85)- We just need to add additional RM30 in the tasting menu for this dish.
I reckon the truffle soubise does make a difference to this dish, the taste is unique but lovable and the tenderloin is true to its name- very tender. The asparagus comes in handy as i used it to swipe up all the lovely sauce. definitely worth recommending.

Abby had Matelote of Codfish Fillet in Cabernet Jus with Shallot, Fresh Tarragon and field mushroom. (NP: RM58), this has been our least favourite of the night as the cod was dry and slightly tough. The combination of sauce does not quite go well with the fish.

My GAL-DATE of the night.

After our main course, we ordered dessert wine (which most say is a gal drinks- i say YES, ITS TRUE! =D)
We had a bottle of Semillon Botrytis 2008 Peter Lehmann Barossa Valley from Australia (375ml) for only RM100. That's pretty reasonable.
Like all dessert wine, this taste sweet and refreshing. It is then, we couldnt wait for our dessert.
Dessert of the day for Tasting Menu was Chocolate Souffle, but we requested for them to change one portion to other dessert, and they were nice enough to agree.
So i ordered warm almond-chocolate brownie and waited in anticipation.

Warm Almond- Chocolate Brownie (NP RM20) was O-K. Truth be told i was kinda dissapointed because i was expecting something more dense and rich with chocolate. While the brownie served here was sufficiently moist, it lacks the chocolate richness i was hoping for. I do like the orange mascarpone cream on the top though.

Our Chocolate Souffle come in an espresso cup complement by mixed fruit pieces and cappuccino.
As Abby commented it was "bitter sweet". I like how the chocolate is not overly sweet and the cappucino ice cream mixed so well with the souffle.

Don't we look like a couple on a quiet dinner date?

Our bill came up to RM400+ between two with dessert wine. We were so stuffed that i could feel my waistline expanding on the spot. The portion was not actual portion, but it is still quite large for a "petite" girl like myself. :D


Food: 6.5/10

Service: 8/10

Ambience: 7/10

Presentation of food: 7.5/10

Overall rating: 7/10


Max @ Ihaus
Lot No. 32, Jalan Jati,
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100, KL
Tel: 03- 2142 9720

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One of the thing that i'm gonna miss Melbourne when i'm going back to KL for good is how you can spontaneously call for a beach outing, just for lunch.

It wasn't the best day for beach dayout seeing that it was almost 13 degrees during the day but it's a rare scene for Melbourne to have such a nice sunny but cold day nowadays. What's even rarer is the fact that me and Mr B were up early earlier that day for lunch. We don't wanna waste our precious sunny day, do we?

So i decided to bring him to his favourite St Kilda beach for lunchie. We settled for Stokehouse as Beach comber has became too frequently visit for lunch by the beach.

We had a special guest on that day, so we could only sit outdoor despite the cold wind almost ripping my skin off.. But it was all worth it..Facing the sea while sipping on beer (in my case, i had coffee).. I mean, wherelse can you have this kinda lunch back in Msia (other than Port Dickson which, let's not even go there yea?? hehe )

Our special guest for the post- Cookie dearie (she's not really a Yankee fans, if you ask me.. hehe)

People-watching is one of my favourite pastime. Isn't it amazing how you can try to put a story to each and everyone of their lifes flashing past in front of you?

The beautiful view from where we were seated..


His favourite beer that he ordered throughout his entire trip in Melbourne.. haha

Affogato for me.. This beats Cafe Barbera's hands down.. I'm sorry, i was meant to be loyal to you!! hehe

No surprises as to who ordered this Fish n Chips- definitely a man's choice
Batter was fried to its crisps, retaining the freshness of the fish. Yumz!!

 My steamed mussels. In hope that it would be similar to the one i had in Donovans.. Fat chance!! This was overpowered by the chopped onions, and borth is not even half as tasty.. Failed dish!!

Ms Crazieapple

Mr B in Da Haus!

I was looking forward more to the dessert- Chocolate Semi Freddo w. orange mascarpone. The strong rich dark chocolate taste is so overwhelming.. I lovehow the hint of orange taste is found in the midst of the chocolate!!  (though it's not best to be having ice-cream in a weather like this).. hehe  I was freezing my butt off.. Luckily the thoughtful people in the restaurant actually set up a little fireplace outdoor to warm our hands while mingling around..

30 Jacka Blvd
St Kilda Victoria 3182
(03) 9525 5555

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SIlverspoon Trattoria is on Facebook now!!
(honestly, what isn't on facebook nowadays??)

Join here now!!!

Kopi luwak aka Civet coffee, is "coffee made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet, then passed through its digestive tract. After spending a day and a half in Civet's digestive tract, the bean is defecated *i.e. shit* in clumps, having kept their shape and still covered with some fleshy berry's inner layer before coffee makers gathered through washing, sun drying, light roasting and brewing" [wikipedia]

So why does this particular coffee bean noted as the most expensive coffee bean in the world, you'd ask?

According to Coffee Critic Chris Rubin "The aroma is rich and strong, and the coffee is increadibly full bodied, almost syrupy with a hint of chocolate, and linger on the tongue with a long, clean aftertaste"

According to Ms. Jazz of Augustdiners who may not be a coffee critic but is also a great coffee lover commented "It has a distinct taste, i can't seem to capture any hint of chocolate, and truth be told, if you let me test two different coffee blend side by side with Civet coffee, i'm unable to tell the difference"
It isnt asif the coffee was bad, firstly the idea of putting a defecated coffee mix into my tummy is slightly repulsive- although im sure they have clean it thoroughly. STILL! The coffee aroma is good- but probably need one with great knowledge in coffee to be distinguish its taste.

This is how civet looks like. aww doesnt it look like a mix between koala and squirrel?
[googled image]

Civet "poo" [googled image]

Civet Coffee Bean after cleaning. [googled image]

My friend bought over to share with me 500gm of Civet Coffee which cost RM2000+ from Indonesia, Truthfully im not a big fan of espresso, as i preferred my coffee with milk. But with premium coffee bean as such, it has to be drank pure.

Not exactly appetizing i know, forgive me as i drank halfway before remembering to take a quick shot of my civet coffee. :D

If you are a fanatic coffee drinker and would not mind spending RM180 for a shot of Civet Coffee, i was told that Typica Cafe @ Shaw Parade, Pudu does sell Kopi Luwak too but in limited quantity.
If you have drank Kopi Luwak before, please share with us your luwak coffee experiences.

Typica Cafe
GL-08, Ground Floor,
Shaw Parade Plaza,
Changkat Thambi Dollah,
55100 KL
Tel: 03-2145 0328

Donovans, was one of my most memorable dining experience in Melbourne so far. I visited this awesome restaurant once last year during September for my younger sister's birthday along with my parents and i thoroughly enjoyed their food, service and ambience there.

It's really a pain in the arse having to book for a large group here for functions (even a table for 2 took Ching 1 week in advance to book it), so i was very excited and looking forward for my return when i was told that baby will be bringing me there for my birthday dinner (part 2)!!

We were ushered to their waiting couch while the customers were signing off their bills and leaving our reservation table to us. A very cosy little cottage design with a touch of vintage feel, aint it? The fireplace was just what i needed to keep me warm from the crazy bizarre Melbourne weather.

After a brief wait, we were led to our table, seated near the window view, overlooking St Kilda beach.

We ditched wine for the night and i opted for a Lychee Martini for a starter drink while the man ordered his favourite Peroni beer.

I knew exactly what i wanted for appetizer at the back of my head (memories from 1st visit)- Steamed mussel in the Spanish way with ancho chilli purée.
I absolutely loved every bits of it!!! The mussels didn't shrink in their sizes from the cooking (it normally does shrink a lot when we cook it right??) and the broth was so flavourful that the man licked his spoon clean!!
(Appetizer was shared between two as they are really generous with the portion)

Victorian lamb two ways - roasted rump and slow cooked breast - with creamy mash and rosemary sauce

The man ordered this dish and loved it to its bits and pieces. He gave it a 10/10 from its taste to its flavour to how fairly it's done. The mash was done to its finest, retaining the taste of natural potatoes (not packet powder mashes) and with the compliment from the sauce, it was finger-licking good!!

Black Angus T-bone of beef from the Western District

I was quite disappointed with my dish to be honest. It was great in the sense that it could have been a flavoursome piece of steak, only if  it wasn't for the badly burnt surface and meat was far overdone than a "medium rare"

I know very well that i could have ask for an exchange or return the steak for another piece but i was really hungry and it took some time for the food to arrive, so it wasn't a choice for me then.

The sides that came with my steak: lettuce salad and herb fried potatoes

Wanna know why T-bone steak is called a t-bone? hehe
(very silly question, i know)

It's because when u stripped it bare, you'll find the alphabet T!!

Ok, that was some cheap laugh.. -.-
Excuse my retardness at this wee hour...

Birthday Girl -Me!!
The man was so satisfied with his meal that even paying the bills makes him happy!! haha

Donovans is really creating with their out their male's toilet


So ruggard eh?
On the very contrary, the female toilet looks like a fairy land garden!! So pweetty!!

Service: 9.5/10
(the attendants are too dedicated to their job!! So so professional and well-trained)
Ambience: 8/10
(it can get a bit too noisy due to high level of chatting conversations)
Food: 8/10
(it could have been perfect if its not for the burnt t-bone!!)

Overall: 8.5/10
(it's definitely a place worth the regular visit!!)

This post is a bit backdated as i know i've been irresponsibly m.i.a. for the past couple of weeks. *apologies*

My 22nd birthday was 2 weeks ago and i've decided to give this restaurant that i've been wanting to pay a visit to for some time a try.

Verge, is not something new to Melbournians already. A menu made out of  "Japanese-inspired flavours and a quirky wine list". It's not surprise that it's one of the popular fine dining spot in the CBD of Melbourne.

(Photo taken from
P/s: Where this shot was taken, was exactly where i sat that night.. I particularly love how the view outside the restaurant is so greenish, doesn't feel like it's in the middle of the city at all.. A quick hide-away from the hassle and buzzle of the busy town? Here's a perfect place to be then!!

Unfortunately, when night folds in, all you see is, well, darkness.

A glass of wine to start off the night lightly.

All dolled up for the big after-dinner party. =)


For starters, i ordered Zensai Moriawase- four small tastes. I apologize for the inconsistency in my photography skills (yes, a lousy one i know). I was too hungry to be bothered about it.

Wasn't too impressed with this dish- there're some hit and misses at each of them and there's nothing really to shout about.

Photobucketdon't remember what dish was this (couldn't find it from the menu on their website either) but if my memory serves me well (as u can tell, i have bad memories so they are definitely NOT serving me well enough) a bland and forgettable dish. Thus being forgotten. hehe

For my main, i ordered the Mayaru Station Wagyu marble score 7 complimented with kohirabi, garlic and nori.

Before i walked into Vergre, i've had a certain standard expected at the back of my head- i knew what i was gonna order for my main-wagyu beef (recommended by a friend) .. I expected  nothing less than a good piece of wagyu steak with the perfect blend of fats and flesh. But at its first bite, it was already  a MAJOR LETDOWN !!

With this kind of reputation to uphold, surely you can do better than throwing me a piece of pathetically sized of you so-called wagyu beef with chunks of fats (not even blended into the meat but CHUNKS!)  make the portion looks acceptable by adding on another piece of meat which is NOT WAGYU NOR BEEF! (see the bottom layer of the suspect it's pork-tasted tough and overcooked and nasty)

Hands down the worst wagyu i've ever tasted!!

Sister ordered Poached Dory, scallop, pickled beetroot and braised kelp. This dish was leaning towards the bland side without much heavy flavours. Perhaps my sister is more of the strong fragrant tasting kinda person.

All in all, i would say that our experience in Verge was a disappointment. I'm not too sure if i would give it a second chance in the near future. Maybe a light lunch overlooking the beautiful garden would be the next best thing to do if i were to visit them again!!

Service: 8.5/10
(very very attentive waiter, even kept my coat downstairs and remember which one was mine at the end of the night!)

Ambience: 8/10
(quiet and chilling)
Food: 5/10
(it was a great disappointment)

Overall: 6/10
(not too sure about coming back for more)

Verge Restaurant
1 Flinder Lane,
Melbourne 3000.

03- 9639 9500

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