Deep praise for Favola on its impeccable decor which is visually tantalizing, do expect to feel like you have walked into the renaissance era, where red and black are the main color theme with a showcase of paintings and venetian mask hanging by its walls.
Naturally, with a beautiful environment comes high expectations on its food offerings. I'm rather dissapointed to comment that Favola did not wow me with their food as they did with their interior.

The servers were not particularly friendly, there was a note of impatience in their voice when i wanted to take a longer time to linger at the menu, and also when i need them to explain some items to me in the wine menu.

STILL, it is a good place to dine and wine as the atmosphere is friendly, and food prices are generally quite affordable.
I notice a good mix of vegetarians in the menu, which is thoughtful as vegetarian diners still get to sample a full course dining experience in Favola.

I much enjoy open concept kitchen and i'm not just saying it just because our restaurant is also using open concept kitchen, but because i like to see the works in the kitchen and also because they have to keep the kitchen absolutely clean at all times.

A generous complimentary bread servings including foccaccia, ciabatta and some breadsticks. Came out warm and nicely crusted.  I do suggest a resistent to wiped this clean as you might not have tummy space for your main meals. Carbs are sinful- but not able to reach dessert because you are filled halfway throughout your three course meal is absolutely unacceptable.

Fresh Mussels stuffed with minced chicken in tangy tomato sauce (RM35) is a forgettable dish. Would have preferred mussels with tomato sauce stand alone as the minced meat does not quite pair well together.

My friend's ALWAYS order aglio olio tangliolini (RM35) whenever he goes to a new restaurant. He believes that AGLIO OLIO is a good judging tool on how an italian restaurant food flairs. Much like how hongkies judge their dimsums by their siew mai and har gao- same theory.
The pastas in Favola is freshly made but the Aglio Olio's not the best we've had. Slightly plain in terms of flavours and aroma, but definitely salty (we're suspecting they cooked it with chicken stock)

Tangliolini Gamberetti (RM45) which consisted of button mushrooms and fresh prawn pieces. OK, this might sound horrible saying it, but im still going to say it just because im a horrible person. *smiles horribly*
For awhile there, i can't quite finger why this dish taste particular familiar.
It was then, after a few bites into the pasta, that the thought popped into my mind.
YES, unfortunately there's a "maggie mee seasoning" taste to this dish. Probably my least favourite of the night.

I had great expectations on the seafood platter (RM120), it's not a dish that can be well-executed easily. This palate consist of some squids, scallops, breaded prawns, breaded clams, breaded mussels, breaded cod fish, and BREADED baby lobster. On the side we have some mashed potatoes, and sauce to complement the seafood.
My ideal seafood platter comes in a multi-tier presentations. Much like what we normally have in Australia, and France. Different restaurant has their own way of presenting and cooking their seafood. i.e. combinations of cold, beer-battered, grilled, and steamed. It made the whole eating commotion much more fun.
As for Favola's seafood platter, the scallop was large, fresh and tasty. Squid however is somewhat bland.
Too many deep-fried seafood, when i much preferred grilled ones. In my opinion, some that would go well with grill is the baby lobster, cod fish and mussels. Overall the seafood seemed pretty fresh although it's hard to tell under all layers of breadcrumbs.

DESSERT is the highlight of all dining session. And thank god for the unfinished bread earlier, im able to stomach more varieties.

Tiramisu (RM25) is clearly the winner of the night. Drenched with Illy Coffee and oh taste-so-delish- and-screaming-alcoholic... topped with creamy mascarpone. It was a very filling portion nevertheless i can't stop scooping this sinfully tasty dessert.

Casatta (RM30) apparently is shared by a italian chef whom is also friend with the owner, and practically made the owner swear to secrecy on the secret ingredients. Turns out to be a layered ice cream cake with 3 different flavours side with berry sauce. Not too keen on this, but it's something new and try-worthy.

Budino Di Choc (RM25), chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce. The cake is moist with warm chocolate sauce oozing out, and thank goodness for ice cream because what will i do without it. It completes this dish with a perfect little fullstop.

Casa Bosco (half bottle)- RM90 sufficient for 3pax.

Our bill came up to RM300+ with wine (discounted with Starwood privileges card)


Food: 6.5/10
(there's still quite a few items in the menu worth trying- so i'll be back)

Service: 6/10
(although they are ignorant in attitude, the service is still quite efficient)

Ambience: 9/10
(i can't get enough of the interior)

Presentation of food: 6.5/10

Overall: 7/10

Favola @ Le Meridien
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
50470, KL

Tel: 03-2263 7888


fatboybakes said...

oh my, what a fabulous classy food review blog!!!! may i link you please, pretty please??? i love favola.

Ms. Jazz said...

FBB: thanks! yes, please do link me- i would also love to do the same, only i do not know how to function my very own website YET. :D BTW, i hoped you managed to bake your cake in time and hope its not too salty! *grins*

Crusader said...

IT support reporting for duty Ms. Jazz! What is the URL? Let me do the linking

Crazieapple said...

Your position has been long taken off i afriad, Mr Crusader! hahaha

Jazz, you look so preggy.. time to lose some weight and stay away from fine dine till i'm back!! hahaha

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