I remember, more than 10 years ago, I had fond memory of a particular vegetarian restaurant in my neighbourhood. Perhaps I was rather amaze by how the dishes can be imitated to taste so much like the real thing, and to this I’m referring to mock meat, such as fish, abalone, chicken wings, ham.

Fast forward 10 years later, It strikes me that all these mock meat I’ve had in childhood is actually filled with glutton, since then I’ve kept out of vegetarians restaurant unless I feel guilty about putting on weight and decide to go on diet, which is rather silly if you ask me, since most vegetarian places uses a lot of gluttony substances and MSG in order to resemble the real thing. And why would you want to eat the mock versions (filled with glutton) when the whole purpose is to stay away from meat for a period?

By the way, eating vegetarian doesn’t necessary make you skinnier! It’s all in the mind!

I’ve got some good friends whom are vegetarian by choice; I often can’t see how they can come eat with us, while we chunk down slabs of meat, and them watching with their plate of meat-less misery.

When being asked, they always told me a similar story, that they don’t see the need to harm animals to satisfy their stomachs when there is so many varieties of vegetarian dishes around. There is also the health element, apparently eating vegetarian is more healthy than eating meat (I beg to differ, hmmm! Nobody takes my meat away from me)
Fan Cai Xiang in Taman Desa is a well-known vegetarian restaurant in the neighborhood. Occupying an intermediate lot of the buzzing area of Plaza Danau 2 next to KFC, it was easy enough to locate the place. Since its welcoming presence 4 years ago, they’ve been able to retain long stem of customers and from what I’ve heard, it can be pretty pack during the weekends.

The interior of the restaurant is simple, Chinese oriented, and spacious.

An array of books are available for your leisure readings

Unlike most vegetarian restaurants I’ve been, Fan Cai Xiang focus predominantly on natural ingredients, their handsomely bound menu has a vast list of green leaves, tofu, mushrooms, soup etc. As the restaurant promotes healthy living, their dishes are majority less salty and oily, with no use of MSG. It helps that the food is reasonably priced too, most come in three sizes of regular (RM13~) medium (RM19~) and large (RM23~).

Fried butter with Abalone mushroom is one of my favourite of the night. With thick buttery sauce, it melds well with the delightful crispy battered mushrooms.

Stir-fried eggplant with basil (RM13), the fragrant of basil capture my nose senses instantly. The eggplant was slightly on the raw side, but it is done so intentionally without wasting all the nutrients by overcooking it. Personally I prefer the softer versions

Assam fish (RM15) is worth ordering. The “fish” is made with soft beancurd, while it was wrapped around with seaweed as its skin, battered and deep fried, what wonderful creation and brilliant colours, it almost tasted like the real thing. I like how the sauce is not overwhelming, with the right level of tanginess.

Tom yam soup (RM13), a dish so simple, yet achieving a satisfactory flutter in my stomach.

Spicy Salted Crispy Beancurd (RM13) is a MUST order. Picture this, as I picked up a perfectly golden brown cube that’s nicely sprinkled with salt seasoning and take a soft bite into it; ahh.. Just as I thought, the skin made the tiniest crunching sound- like music to my ears and the internal content so soft and velvety. Then I closed my eyes and devour each bite with newfound urgency and my hands were already moving to the next piece on the table. Ahh~ more please?

Fan Cai Xiang noodes (RM9) is their house specialty. A simple stir fry with nice springy texture with a mix of mushrooms, greens and bean curd skin.

We’ve lapped up everything without a waste, well except for my half eaten rice, which my friend Y. can’t stop looking at me, sending me signal to finish it (I know she doesn’t like seeing things wasted) But don’t blame me! Blame my super tight skirt and that viciously small belt =P

The owners behind the restaurant has a really big heart, aside from their normal charity works, Fan Cai Xiang often give away well-packed food to different organizations, one of them being Malaysia Buddhist organization. For this upcoming Mother’s Day, they plan to distribute 10,000 food packets to promote healthy living.

Seriously, eating vegetarian? Charity? Can one get more holy that that? I’m truly inspired.

Fan Cai Xiang Vegetarian Restaurant
No. 23-G, Plaza Danau 2,
Jalan 2/109F
Taman Danau Desa
Off Jalan Klang Lama
Tel: 03-79819812


Michelle Chin said...

I agree! Sometimes, vegetarian foods can be more unhealthy compared to non-vegetarian food stuffs!

AugustDiners said...

michelle: yep! but the ones i had here was really nice, and for once i didnt feel thirsty walking out of a vegetarian restaurant hehe

Sean said...

discrimination! all those books on the shelves are in chinese, which means non-mandarin readers like me can't enjoy them! heheh :D

AugustDiners said...

hahaha! banana sean :)

Caroline said...

haha me not really a vegetarian lover but do take it sometimes. haha this one with no use of msg, healthy! :D

Chasing Food Dreams said...

I do like vegetarian food if its done well! This restaurant dishes had me drooling at the Butter Mushroom, Beancurd & Noodles... :)

AugustDiners said...

caroline: its good to have it once in awhile~

Food Dreams: Then u'll like this place for sure! :D

May said...

meatless monday

AugustDiners said...

May: ^^ hows that coming along

Taxilai said...

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