Situated among the stretch of bars and pubs such as Boathouse, and Sid's Pub, Tom, Dick and Harry (TDH) has no problem when it comes to competitions. It appears to be "the place to be"as i bumped into several friends during my short supper trip there one night.
It's hard to find complain about this place- having the appropriate criteria of all pubs- BOOZE, SNACKS, CROWD, TV showing the latest football match, and lotsa noise.
The staffs there were fun and friendly, we were quickly seated despite it was fully packed on the night.

Check out the many barrels of beer! *i want to carry them home!*

We were all out to dig in to all the snacks available after a late night movie, and was glad there was so many varieties to choose from.

Pork Platter (RM18) was a dissapointment, served with some bacon slices, sausages and ham, it was very ordinary and forgetful. But it does go along with the mustard sauce.

Fried Wings was finger lickin good. It was an all time favourite snacks, as long as you dont mind sloppy eating. It was served hot, and slightly oily. But what's good wings without oil.

Nachos in TDH was hugeeeee! We couldnt finish half of what's there. The Tortilla chips was slightly soggy, but the chilli dip made up for what's lacking

Fish Fingers with tartare sauce. Again, came out piping hot, just the way i like it. The bitesize fish was tender and satisfying.

Fried Mars Bars. Say what? It's my absolute fav snack in Sydney! i remember this fish and chips stall at Manly beach that served the most heavenly fried mars bars sprinkled with generous icing sugar.
Unfortunately no icing sugar here. And the batter was not crisp at all. But still, i'm glad to have the remembrance of life back then

Promotions: Buy 1 free 1 Vodka with Mixers (RM23). We thought, what a good deal as it was surprisingly strong.

Two happy diners.


Food: 6/10 (fingerfood)
I love their wide selections of tidbits as i can never go proper full on drinking without any decent things to bite. Also appreciate the fact that all their food came out piping hot

Service: 8/10
Busy as they may be, they were a quick, friendly, and helpful bunch.

Ambience: 7/10
Good for a chillout with friends, and people spotting.

Presentation of food: 6/10

Overall rating: 7/10

Tom Dick and Harry
Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, TTDI
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-7710 2122

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