This post is a bit backdated as i know i've been irresponsibly m.i.a. for the past couple of weeks. *apologies*

My 22nd birthday was 2 weeks ago and i've decided to give this restaurant that i've been wanting to pay a visit to for some time a try.

Verge, is not something new to Melbournians already. A menu made out of  "Japanese-inspired flavours and a quirky wine list". It's not surprise that it's one of the popular fine dining spot in the CBD of Melbourne.

(Photo taken from
P/s: Where this shot was taken, was exactly where i sat that night.. I particularly love how the view outside the restaurant is so greenish, doesn't feel like it's in the middle of the city at all.. A quick hide-away from the hassle and buzzle of the busy town? Here's a perfect place to be then!!

Unfortunately, when night folds in, all you see is, well, darkness.

A glass of wine to start off the night lightly.

All dolled up for the big after-dinner party. =)


For starters, i ordered Zensai Moriawase- four small tastes. I apologize for the inconsistency in my photography skills (yes, a lousy one i know). I was too hungry to be bothered about it.

Wasn't too impressed with this dish- there're some hit and misses at each of them and there's nothing really to shout about.

Photobucketdon't remember what dish was this (couldn't find it from the menu on their website either) but if my memory serves me well (as u can tell, i have bad memories so they are definitely NOT serving me well enough) a bland and forgettable dish. Thus being forgotten. hehe

For my main, i ordered the Mayaru Station Wagyu marble score 7 complimented with kohirabi, garlic and nori.

Before i walked into Vergre, i've had a certain standard expected at the back of my head- i knew what i was gonna order for my main-wagyu beef (recommended by a friend) .. I expected  nothing less than a good piece of wagyu steak with the perfect blend of fats and flesh. But at its first bite, it was already  a MAJOR LETDOWN !!

With this kind of reputation to uphold, surely you can do better than throwing me a piece of pathetically sized of you so-called wagyu beef with chunks of fats (not even blended into the meat but CHUNKS!)  make the portion looks acceptable by adding on another piece of meat which is NOT WAGYU NOR BEEF! (see the bottom layer of the suspect it's pork-tasted tough and overcooked and nasty)

Hands down the worst wagyu i've ever tasted!!

Sister ordered Poached Dory, scallop, pickled beetroot and braised kelp. This dish was leaning towards the bland side without much heavy flavours. Perhaps my sister is more of the strong fragrant tasting kinda person.

All in all, i would say that our experience in Verge was a disappointment. I'm not too sure if i would give it a second chance in the near future. Maybe a light lunch overlooking the beautiful garden would be the next best thing to do if i were to visit them again!!

Service: 8.5/10
(very very attentive waiter, even kept my coat downstairs and remember which one was mine at the end of the night!)

Ambience: 8/10
(quiet and chilling)
Food: 5/10
(it was a great disappointment)

Overall: 6/10
(not too sure about coming back for more)

Verge Restaurant
1 Flinder Lane,
Melbourne 3000.

03- 9639 9500

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