As with the tradition in conjunction with the Chinese New Year, we had a really successful Street party this year.
We've perfected our planning skills through many years of experience, and allocate various positions such as CEO (chief entertainment officer that is), Usherer, Food Coordinators, and even Waste Management President hahahaaa! (i.e. ensuring all rubbish was cleared within the next day)
This year was done a little differently, instead of doing it potluck style which it seems food always ran out too fast, due to too many outsiders joining our party, so we've called in many famous hawker stalls and vans to be our food caterer this year.
Many thanks to all the organizers, performers, and participants. Here are some pictures to share, unfortunately i didnt get to capture many food pictures!  :)

We've brought in 7 lok lok Van! Yummy!! You cannot have enough of them! give me more of those quail eggs + see hum please!

Getting Ready

One of the resident coordinating with the lok lok truckman

Asam laksa Stalls

Some residents call in extra caterers. There were way too many food out there

My friend sponsored the sugar cane juicing machine, hahaha! Really good stuff

Roasting the lamb

Setting up stage for performances

Men preparing for Fireworks

Band Practising

Hello it's crazieapple!

Indian Rojak

Curry Laksa


Pretty famous Char Keoy Teow from Damansara Heights

Nasi Lemak

Roast Piggie, yummie yums! Think we had 4 of these

Famous Popiah! So Good!

Choy San Yeh

Amazing Lion Dance

Leaf Singing is AMAZING! You'll be surprise of the beautiful music that comes out from one piece of leaf!

Last but not least our yearly beautiful display of Fireworks

That concludes our CNY 2012, conveniently it's almost 12am now! Happy Chap Gor Mei everyone ! i hope everyone had a great time during this festive season, i know i had- it was a busy one, but i can't wait to finally get back to work in full swing, things has been piling up!!


boo_licious said...

A lot of food and feasting for the season, which is great.

I think I know where this is since it was on someone else's Instagram feed (I recognise my favourite CKT uncle). won't tell since I am sure you don't need stalkers.

AugustDiners said...

Boo: ohhh oops hehe... Shhh :p hoped u had a good CNY too!

Kenny Mah said...

Oh, man. The fireworks didn't excite me half as much as the ROAST PIGGIE! And you say there were FOUR of those lovely babies? Oh, be still, my yearning heart, er, belly! ;)

AugustDiners said...

Kenny: We shared the same love! i've had so much of those yummy crispy goodness i think im turning into one of them soon! (:

Baby Sumo said...

I always also very impressed when I saw the roast pig! Can we get invited to your street party next yr? LOL

AugustDiners said...

Baby sumo: only if you bring baby Chloe, she's too cute!

Michelle Chin said...

Man, how come your housing area looks like the houses in Washington one???

Did someone walloped the pigs' heads? If nobody did, kindly pass it to me. I won't mind using it to make porridge. hehehe

devilck said...

Wow, your housing area is so happening - roast piggie, roast lamb and firework. Why does our area have nothing? :(

AugustDiners said...

Michelle: normally everyone has de dibs on pig head! Haha n I agree it does make awesome porridges!

Ckiong: haha! U can always plan one with your neighbors, be the initiator (:

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