With all the mushroom-sprung chain thai restaurants, it is indeed almost impossible to find a good thai restaurants that made me go twice in a week!! I'm not even talking about My elephant (pfft..), Erawan (Jess's favourite but i don't understand why), Kuntai- (argh.. don't get me started!)..

Behold: Surisit Kopitiam!!!!!

Casual neighbourhood eatery.
We don't need no overwhelming thai-scented room when i'm eating okayyy!! (if you know which restaurant i'm talking about)

Over the past week, i've visited this place twice and attempted to order a variety of choices to try. (Jess claimed that Erawan was so good that she went back there after 1 week. But i went back to Surisit after merely 3 days!! hah! beat that!!) I would say hits > misses.. And i'm declaring this place my favourite Thai restaurant in town!! Extra points for the convenience- it's just located in TTDI.. (just behind Tom, Dick and Harry pub)

 Fried stuff tofu

Beef curry. Tasted great of strong curry fragrant.

 Tom Yung Seafood which is 4 thumbs up!! (including my toes)

They woed my Thai-heart (i'm a BIG fan of thai food) with the perfect balance of sourness and spiciness in this dish. Trust me on this. I'm the girl who cooked tomyum soup for supper every night while i was studying abroad and learned 10thousands combinations on how to perfect the balance of a good tomyum soup. haha

However, My advice is not to order the clear version of tomyum here. Rumour has it that it's disappointing.

 Beef noodle is really yummy too! The beef broth is splurp-ily delicious, i finished the entire bowl of soup!!

 Fried Vermicelli was a great hit too.

 Pineapple fried rice which was a major failure that disappointed my bf. Poor boy was expecting so much from them.. How could have they gone wrong with Pineapple fried rice?? Isn't it the no. 1 thai food?? =(

Fried Soft shell crab which i would say is another miss. No doubt crunchy but overpowered by its batter.

 Stir fried kailan with salted fish. We really needed some fiber.

 The legen-wait-for-it-dary Pad thai...
Oh. i'm so in love and converted. I've never really liked Pad thai but this has made me fell in love..

 Banana flower salad which i didn't try.

 A Very Happy Girl even tho was so worn out from work.
Good food does make me very happy! hehe

 Crispy fried pork
Ordered this one 2 occasions. Definitely Jess's favourite cause it consists of pork. haha

Tub Tim Grob, was just okay. Nothing fancy.

P/s: Do apologize for the really brief narration. I've been mia for so long.. Losing touch of how to do a review already! hehe

On a side note, Surisit is much more affordable- our bill- consisting 12 dishes came down to only 250 ringgit!! For Real?!!?!


Michelle Chin said...

Erawan is my fave place too.

Baby Sumo said...

I'm gonna go here and try the tom yum since I loveeeeeee tom yum.

Crazieapple said...

michelle: haha i don't like erawan.. Have u tried here? u shud! it'll convert u. hehe

Babysumo: yesss!! go and give it a try!! i'm going there again tmr! haha =p 3 times in 2 weeks..

Christy said...

I agree with you, sometimes good food need not be in a place with all the decor and ambience alone:) There are lots of places which are the true treasure troves waiting to be discovered ;)

Anonymous said...

I tried both Erawan and Surisit and I like both. :P
I enjoy the clear tomyam soup in Surisit, the one with pork trotters.

Crazieapple said...

Oh.. the clear tomyam is nice? i shall try that tonight! =) and definitely will be ordering ur recommended pork trotters. Thanks for the heads up!

Extreme Power said...

wow.. looks awesome. I love Thai food..

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