....continues from part 1

Krabi Island is famous for the island hopping activities, there is a few common routes, hong island, bond island, phiphi island, and 4 island.
Since we were set to go snorkeling, we were recommended to choose the 4 island package which consist of phra nang cave, Tup island, chicken island, and Poda island

There are many travel agencies that offers a day tour for any of these island, the prices varies by a little. You can either choose to share with the public which can be quite unflexible as you need to share a boat with others.

Instead, we opted for the private speed boat which we rented for the day for 7000BAHT (RM700). It can fit up to 12 pax but we only had 6 onboard. The good thing is, you can choose which island to stop at, and for how long. We thought it was a good deal. They bring us to all the private snorkeling spots and we had the whole island to ourselves so we can do silly things and not feel embarrased about it.

NOTE of advice: Our hotel would have charged us 1000BAHT extra but instead we dealt with the person who arranges the trip directly. Same goes with the taxi fares, deal with the travel agencies directly as compared to getting the hotel to call in for you. Ours would have charged us 200 BAHT extra.

1/ Let the journey begin. We actually woke up early and made it to the shore by 10am. Pretty impressive considering we're on holiday and AM not suppose to wake up anytime before 11am!
It wasnt a perfect weather, in fact the sky looked like it was threatening to rain anytime.
But nevertheless it was perfect for us- we're the type who's sensitive to sun (except Crazieapple who prefers the tan)

2/ the one behind the wheel
just kidding, i'd rather die than to let her take charge. =P
We were given opportunity to drive the speedboat, but i'm quite put off when the guy starts getting touchy

3/ and the snorkeling began

Arent they adorable?

4/ There were a lot of fish, however not a lot of varieties, and the corals looked bleached. Hmm.. But hey, we spotted NEMO and DORIE so we were happy

5/ This island is called Chicken island and you wonder why..

6/ We stopped off a private island, for a quick sunbathing session. except there's no sun. But there's ASAHI to save the day. *yep, we actually brought along the trip some alkie since there was an icebox available and alcohol is freakin cheap but please don't tell mom* hehe

8/ The girls playing with the cool water

9/ Camwhore much?

10/ Then things got a littl-eeee silly

11/ Lonely asahi in a lonely beach

12/ The water was much clearer here, i didnt join them girls but instead settle with floating near the shore for a bit but i was told that there were more varieties of fishes here, only in less quantity

13/ We then made a lunch stop at PODA island, and it was the first stopped we actually saw more than one boat by the beachside. Many travellers were already half naked baking without sun. *something i dont understand, why can gwai lou sunbathe anywhere, anytime- even when there wasn't any sun around?*
Lunch, was rather pathetic. There were not many choices around, just one dingy worn down place that says "restaurant"
We were skeptical of course, but we were hungry too. Turns out quite unmemorable as expected

We stuffed ourselves silly even with the substandard food. So we decide to rest up before our next snorkeling stop.
And whatelse can we do if not sunbathe?
CAMWHORE of course =)

14/ oops, caught in action- it was Heineken this time. hehe

15/ If anyone asked what ROFL means, just refer to me. I think i could give a pretty good reference.
I was near hysterical by then

16/ Of course there's the signature wondergirl pose.
Anyone going to their concert this Saturday? because we are! haha god knows why.. i dont even like them much.

17/ Gerai Makanan Krabi. =P They sell everything from drinks, snacks to burgers and hotdogs
18/ Fresh Fruits on board

19/ After digesting our food and laughter at Poda Beach, we requested to go for another snorkeling place, this time we were brought to some unknown island, where the fishes were not so friendly. They must be a hungry bunch, because they bite
and it hurts!

That's all for now, its getting late. Stay tuned for the final episode of our Krabi trip. =D


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

nice weather!

Baby Sumo said...

Are those little girls your sisters? They're cute.

Augustdiners said...

joe: the weather was good for us :)

Baby Sumo: yep! thanx, they r a cheeky bunch hehe

Joey Y said...

Are they twins? They are really cute! In fact u all are a cute bunch and camwhore buddies to each other! :D Nice photos!

AugustDiners said...

Zoee: yes the youngest two are twins~ we inherited a common trait to camwhore =D

Crusader said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sean said...

looks like a great family getaway! i've actually never been to krabi, but that's partly cos i hate the sand and dislike the sun, heheh

Augustdiners said...

Crusader: that was not the intention of course :D

Sean: haha, i can imagine since u r so fair! im the opposite, i love the beach but i dislike the sun, does that make much sense?

Tailim said...

Woh that's a wonderful break especially for your dad. Happy happy holiday

AugustDiners said...

Mr. Sin: yes it was a good break :)

Tailim said...

Please.......don't address me as Mr. funny funny leh. & Thanks

Augustdiners said...

Sin Tai Lim sound too formal, n how shall we address you :D

Sbipk said...

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