We're Back! Got darker and i wished i could say we've shed a few pounds doing all those intense exercising such as snorkeling, kayaking, thai boxing, suntaning at the beach (yes! it's a form of exercising too!), and plenty of camwhoring.

But truth is, things never goes according to plan, the weighting scale always went up and never came down. The weather was gloomy for a few days and occasionally drizzles. food was just OK, and of course i was expecting more. Didn't even join thai boxing as intended and slept soundly in the hotel room instead. (But more on these later)

What we did, and i must praise we've perform exceptionally well is the amount of camwhoring that went in during this trip. 7 girls, 1 camera... you do the math.

Overall it was a very satisfying trip despite some teeny minor glitch. We were happy with our choice of resort, and if you havent guessed by now from my previous sneak-a-peek pictures or neither have you actually went to the extend of clicking to the hotel link as Mr. crusader has... *Ahem*
We chose the Sheraton Krabi Resort. Turns out it was more a honey-mooner place rather than a family friendly resort as the impression given by Tripadvisor.
If i have to go on another day watching couples walking by the beach hand-in-hand, or at the breakfast area looking into each other eyes, i'll probably go insane.

OK i exaggerated. There weren't THAT many couples around, in fact there wasnt even many people staying there. Those couples are either fat, old, or gay (i know i know.. im generalising but it's true, there wasn't any hotties around, and i dare to say i'm one of the skinniest too! *and that's saying a lot*)

1/ Infinity Pool Overlooking the ocean
We have the whole pool to ourselves since most couples tend to hide into bedrooms in the afternoon.
Wonder what they are doing in there?

2/ While waiting for our rooms to be ready, we took the buggy service which is available 24 hours a day to the beach to chill. I secretly think the buggy staff are tired of seeing our faces, throughout our stay there, we've called them constantly to fetch us to the most ridiculously short distance ever.

3/ My lil monkeys, aren't they adorable

4/ The beach were not particular beautiful and it came with mild waves, so there wasnt much water sports around. The girls were dissapointed that they couldn't surf, but we went for the alternative and kayak instead. It was quite affordable, you would think that the hotel is smart and up-charged the rental of the kayak but i guess business aint no good, we were obviously the only customers
So rental for an hour was only 170BAHT which equivalent to approx RM17
We manage to kayak to the nearest island, had fun with the capsizing and later had problem with getting back up to the kayak, and boy it wasnt a pleasant sight and i refuse to admit it has something to do with *ahem* overweight *ahem* 
I think my lil sisters compare me to a whale. (can't say i blame them much)

5/ Yup that would be me in the water, notice how im sinking even with the life jacket on? =D

6/ Awww.. i think they really have that "baywatch" potential, don't you think?

7/ After which we had a quick match of volleyball.
We sucked, DUH

8/ Ever Since i set my eyes on you, i have fallen completely utterly in love with you~- My Smirnoff ICE
Needless to say, we've bought everything that's available on the shelve. IM not exaggerating this time!
It's super cheap! Try 45BAHT (RM4.50) for a red smirnoff and 55BAHT (RM5.50) for the black smirnoff, i couldnt concentrate much on anything else for the rest of the trip

By the way, you can get beers like heneiken/ Chang for only RM3.50. I-N-S-A-N-E!

9/ =D

9/ over lunch

10/ our next Augustdiners profile pic, whaddaya think?\

11/ The proper beach-pool reading materials definitely goes to Sophie Kinsella. It's an unspoken rule.
I'm a great fan of hers, she's so witty and it's very easy to read.
Do check out her latest book- Mini Shopaholic

12/ Our lil cute towelgirl

13/ We went for dinner near Krabi Town and walked around, there wasn't much to see, it was drizzling, and the pavements were wet, and dirty.

14/ We were so excited when we came across banana pancake. Which was very memorable to me from my last thailand trip. This one was extremely oily, i had enough after a bite. But it seemed to be really popular as we had to wait for a good 20 minutes for it

15/ This is actually a hair salon, but i can't guarantee theres no extra service going on in there, if you ever tried, do keep us updated

16/ While waiting for the driver to fetch us, they had nothing better to do =)

Part 2 coming up shortly, there's so much more to share!


Julian Si said...

Wahhhh! That's cheap Alco-pops aka Smirnoff!

Enjoy :-)

Jubulicious said...

OMGGGG LOVE the photos Jess!!! It seems like u guys had a lot of fun!!!! =d Post photos of snorkeling and thai boxing!!!

AugustDiners said...

julian: we smuggled 10 bottles home :D

Jubulicious: Thanks! yeah we had fun and so much snorkeling and beach photos coming up!!!

Sbipk said...

Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
I love here Hotel Surin Beach This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
Thank again.

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