We're grateful knowing that you are still keeping it up with us and our post, here's another one to share with you, i mean two post within a week could be our new record, that's super frequent for Augustdiners style whom seem not be able to cope with one entry per month.

We’ve recently got our hands on some gourmet ingredients- the larger than palm sized foie gras, few kilos of Spanish ribs, and the o-so-tempting pork loin. We’ve also given some really good imported Spanish pork belly which I’m probably going to make char siew later (any good recipes to share?)
So Crazieapple was heading the kitchen that night because she’s still living the life of a jobless bummer. Whilst I came whizzing in after work to assist her with the dirty work, i.e. cutting and shredding vegetables =P

1/Crazieapple preparing to baked her ribs

2/ Foie gras- yums!

3/ *loves*

4/ Pork loin in the making

5/ Almost there

6/ I claimed the biggest piece!

We started our family off with some dips and crackers- 4 types including smoked salmon, caviar, tzatziki, and cream & chives. The dip goes really well with Tucker’s natural crackers, you’ve got to try it! It’s so addictive.

Our menu of the night was pan-seared foie gras with caramelized apple, which had a wonderful combination of flavours. It was an easy done dish, and with Crazieapple doing re-runs on how to properly dissect the foie gras on youtube more than 10 times, it’s safe to say she’s a pro in the area already.

Then there was the Jack Daniel’s spare ribs, which we ran into minor hiccups, but in the end it just turns out so beautifully that I was eating while licking my fingers at the same time. Mr. KFC would approve because it’s so finger lickin’ good. *laughs*

Then the pork loin was expertly wrapped with bacon and stuffing, the presentation was enticing as the bacon was baked to a sexy brown tan, the downside however was that the pork loin was slightly over-cooked for my liking. I enjoyed mine with some slight pinkness to the flesh. But again, she’s hit jackpot with the flavours
Some Roasted Veges on the side: butternut squash, capsicums, and tomatoes.
Also on the side is the rosemary flavored mashed potatoes.

For dessert. =)

Check out the mess we made =)

P/S Just a little excitement to share. Whilst we were pan-searing our foie gras outdoors with the portable gas stove (2 of them), the gas leaked and our whole pan caught major fire, whereby we were all rushing to find water or ways to diffuse the fire (only to find it inflamed bigger), in the end, we manage to kill the flame by throwing two big bucket of water from the swimming pool. But, what is really noteworthy is how all of us re-acted to the situation.

~The ever so smart Chyn puts her hand into the fire to attempt to turn off the gas

~ PK was nowhere in sight….

~ Mom, being the one who always know what to do, ran all the way to the sink area (which is super far away) to get a bucket

~SY gave dad half a glass of water from our dining table as if she thinks that the mere glass of water can save the situation

~ Lil Twin sisters screams “mommy… mommy….!”

And what was Augustdiners reaction?

Ms. Jazz: “It’s GONNA EXPLODE, GET AWAY FROM THAT PLACE”*whilst hiding in the dining room as far away from the fire as possible”- Damn Dramatic OK…hehe

Crazieapple, on the other hand was the classic one…..

“SAVE THE FOOD, SAVE THE FOOD!!” she screams- whilst flapping her hands up and down.

Lucky for us, dad manage to push most of the food away from harm before the mom’s buckets of chlorine filled water came splashing down. But unfortunately, 5 pieces of foie gras had died in vain.

So all excitement aside, the dinner was thoroughly enjoyable. If I knew Crazieapple can deliver a meal so well, I would be willing for myself to sit back with my knife whilst she graces the wok for our next cooking project.


Baby Sumo said...

Lol the fire story is damn funny but glad you managed to put it off.

Btw the foie looks damn huge!! I would love one also.

Michelle Chin said...

"5 pieces of foie gras had died in vain"

This part made me ROFLLLLLL literally. I fell off the sofa laughing.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg what a scene!

damn owning a restaurant has its perks eh, can you get foie gras in the supermarkets?

Augustdiners said...

baby sumo: if u're keen i can find out where you can get it. It's very easy to cook~

Michelle: We werent laughing when looking at the miserably drenched foie gras then, but thinking back, it was quite a funny scene :]

Joe: haha, i don't think supermarket sells them, seeming the demand to buy is quite minimal, but maybe in KL my best bet is in O Gourmet?
Actually in KL if you want premium food ingredients you can go through plenty of suppliers directly- provided you are willing to buy in bulks. :)

Extreme Power said...

eh.. u need a helping hand? I mean 'eating assistant'.. lol.

Chasing Food Dreams said...

wah... oogling at the foie gras!!

Salute to you & crazieapple for all the effort in preparing the dinner... :D

p/s.. and putting out the fire too... hehe

Augustdiners said...

Extreme power: ahahaha, we did need help! with eating, there were too much food prepared!

Food Dreams: thank yews!! ahh how i crave for it again!

Man Fai said...

That Hello Kitty cake is your creation? or bought from some place?

Look cute

Augustdiners said...

Man Fai: i got someone to make it for us, hehehe how does it look?
cuz i dont fancy fondant stuff, so we used white chocolate shaving instead

Anonymous said...

the food looks delicious! could you please share where i could buy some foie gras in kl?

AugustDiners said...

Anon: You can find it is Bangsar Shopping Centre O Gourmet Area. :) last i checked they have it.

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