I once heard that Japan is a must visit country for all four seasons, i couldnt have agreed more.
Few months ago, i've visited Hokkaido during winter- it was extremely gorgeous and i thought i was in love with the soft fluffy snowflakes that melts in my palm. (refer to my trip to Hokkaido with crazieapple here)
This spring, i've witness the beautiful colors of sakura and again, i fell in love with its serenity and peacefulness and was amaze how these colourful trees brought light to the street of Tokyo.

I love Japan and it seems like i can never get sick of going there. I like its rich culture and deep history. I like how people are treated with politeness and respect.

Japanese food has always been easy to relate to Chinese food for its similar taste and flavours. Most Japanese restaurants in Malaysia has somewhat been localise into a more fusion-ey type of Japanese cuisine. Take for example DRAGON ROLL, CALIFORNIA ROLL, AMERICAN DREAM... it is quite difficult to find these sushis in Japan. In this trip, me and PK has an aim to explore and introduce the authentic japanese cuisine in Japan.

We were doing a TOKYO-KYOTO-OSAKA trip wrap within 7 days, it was hectic with lotsa eating, shopping and travelling. (okok, im boasting here)We were greeted by a cold gush of air during our arrival in TOKYO. The weather has gone haywire on us and worst thing is, we kept our jackets in our big suitcases! (i'm totally not expecting anything less than 10 degrees- probably explains the 5 pairs of shorts i brought along =P)

Sakura one moment, snow the next moment- im loving it

In our tetami hotel room up Mt. Fuji, we were suppose to go for spa NAKED.. but well, we chicken out

Funny thing was, they have Taiwanese game show on the TV, and we spent the whole night watching it, sipping hot teas and munching on cheesecake

Soya Sauce Mochi- first time trying which tasted.. yep.. salty (of course)

Japanese love express meals whereby they can finish their meals within 10 minutes before returning to work/ home. PK enjoying slurping her Shoyu Ramen standing up along with other japanese working group

Can i claim that this TAKOYAKI is the BEST in TOWN? Because it is! we finished one whole box on the spot, and order another to takeaway although we were super stuffed (having to eat 3 DINNERS in one night)

Slurps, they were NOT stingy with their ingredients, i remember the feeling of biting into the generously large squid. Definitely 3 thumbs up
Our Fugu Meal in different cooking style- sashimi, carppacio, and boiled.
It was ok, i personally dont think much about fugu.

The street of OSAKA, filled with youngsters and YAKUZA

Harajuku in Tokyo- where you'll meet lotsa funkie dressed up japanese. I can't quite relate to their fashion.

The street of Tokyo. I think we were in GINZA, with rows and rows of eatery, i thought i was in heaven

Went to a Sake Production House and bought dad this award winning sake (i have no knowledge in sake nor do i like drinking them, so i'll just have to rely on the kind sales person)

We went to an unagi specialist restaurant which has a history of over 100 years, and with its rich experience comes a fragrant and down right delicious unagi don! WE LOVE!

PK don't drink beer, im happy because that means more for me! :) im a dedicated beer lover, so i made sure SILVERSPOON will be stocked with my favourite Weihenstephaner!

Another japanese tradition is gyoza, the ones we had was slightly oily but nevertheless goes well in the tummy in such a cool weather.

This is by far the BEST curry katsu don i've tasted. We were in Hamamatsu as a stop off before heading to Kyoto.

Yummy Crepe in Osaka

Sorry for the lack of caption, im falling asleep as im typing this. *just being super lazy* I really enjoyed my trip to Japan this spring, and will definitely be back for more.


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