If I were to rank my favorite cuisine, it would go like this: Western/Italian, Szechuan (specifically), Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Malay and so on.

Of course Thai food would come in a good 3rd Rank, and I get Thai food craving like ALL the time!

Whilst my favourite thai restaurant in KL still goes to ERAWAN (thanks to their Level 4 Tom Yum which gets me hot and cold all over) it’s good to have a change of environment, especially when Erawan is close for renovation, and is always fully booked!! Tough chance to find a place with last minute booking!

I went to My Elephant (Sri Hartamas) branch on two occasions. The restaurant setting is simple yet appearing neat and comfortable. Both occasions the restaurant is filled with patrons, surely that’s a good sign. Many of these people probably reside within the neighbourhood. I was surprise to spot a few other restaurants I’ve never noticed but looked very promising, take Isaki Japanese restaurant, for example.

To sum it up, My Elephant dishes has its hits and misses. Their spicy dishes are quite mild in my opinion, hence probably appealing to mainstream population.
Prices are very reasonable with their dishes ranging in the RM10-RM20 range, with some seafood dishes costing about RM40+, some portions however is ridiculously small.

We started off with Miaeng Kum, something to chew on whilst waiting for some late comers- Daun Kadok wraps (Betel leaves) with coconut crisps, peanuts, dried shrimp and assorted condiments topped with sweet and sour tamarind plum sauce. I never liked Miaeng Kum so I didn’t try this

Tod Man Plah is Deep fried fish cakes which is quite good and flavourful. Served 5 pieces per portion

My Elephant best selling soup is their Tom Som, Clear Galangal Lemongrass Lime Soup with Aromatic Thai herbs. Despite asking them to make sure it’s extra spicy, it turns out still quite mild to my palate. Whilst they manage a good combination of sour and spicyness, my heart still goes to Erawan (I’m sorry!)

If there’s any recommendations on My Elephant dishes, it’s their curry ranges, especially if you enjoy versions filled with creamy coconut flavours. The ones we liked was Gaeng Keow Wan (Thai Green Curry with chicken), and Gaeng Phet Yaeng (Roast Duck Curry with Lychee)

Bah! My Curry taking skills damn CM.I (Cannot make it)- Red Curry with Duck

Steamed with Lime Garlic Chilli Padi Dressings

Fish was decent, while it was nothing that goes “WOW” as many has claimed. we’ve tried both the Steamed Fish with My Elephant’s signature lime-garlic-chilli padi dressings, and “Snow Fish”- Salt Baked fish with my My elephant’s signature green chilli sauce. I like the former in comparison, probably due to the sauces which has a nice tinge of sourness to it.

"Snow Fish"

When Plah Meuk Yaeng (Pan-seared Squid marinated in thai soya sauce) was served, I almost had to looked for the squid. Big Plate, Small portion. I was expecting something similar to the ones I’ve had in De’ChiengMai which I liked but this one tasted a little odd to me.

Gai Phad Grapow- pan-fried minced chicken with thai holy basil has always been my must order in most Thai restaurant, it’s one of those fail-proof dishes, I can even cooked up some good ones in my kitchen.
p.s. im too lazy to rotate the pic, sorry- please bear with it. haha

Som Tam Malakor- Hand Pounded Papaya with dried prawns and peanuts was unmemorable

Ending with a sweet note, we enjoyed the durian & mango cheesecake very much, recommended to order :)

Mango with black Glutinous rice.

YF :)

Oh, hi yunny from the foremost left! <3

My verdict? Preference for Thai Food still goes to Erawan and Surisit. However, My Elephant would still be a good alternative if you wished to enjoy simple thai food in a good convenient location- albeit one that is somewhat more commercialized. Our bill came up to RM500+ for 7 pax.

My Elephant Thai Restaurant
20 Ground Floor and 1st Floor

Jalan Sri Hartamas 8
Taman Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No : 03 – 6201 0649
Opening Hours : 12pm – 2pm , 6pm – 10pm (close on Mondays)
(also check out their PJ outlet @ Happy Mansion)


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