One thing frustrating about Malaysia, being a muslim country is that it is so difficult to find a good dog-friendly restaurant for a dogs day out. My furkids group often have to resort to searching for dog-friendly parks for an unwilling picnic under the super hot sun. (definitely not ideal)

If theres any praise to be given out to Blue Cow Cafe, it would be the fact that it is dog-friendly, although im not too sure now since our group caused a chaos on our last visit there. But hey, if the owner decide to ban dogs from entering the restaurant in the future, just dont come running and pointing fingers at me. =P

Blue Cow Cafe is situated just above starbucks, across the street. Take the escalator up and you'll see a YOGA center, turn to your left.

I brought my little sisters and my two little devils along to meet some friends. With leashes in two hands, and puppy bag sling over my shoulder, i looked like a dog AND kid nanny that just walked into the cafe of meat heaven. Right in the center of it all, stood a huge meat display with different cut of meat that has my saliva (and my dogs) dripping down the floor.

We seated ourselves outside the terrace only because we knew the dogs wont behave. True to it all, few of the dogs went crazy barking throughout the whole meal, challenging each other with the owners' patience. After three hours of on and off barking and in between the owner sending daggers eyes through our way, we decided we had enough, and call it a day.

Characters of the Day:







The food:

The meat platter was pretty decent that cost approx RM90
It comes with a selection of pork loin, sausages, lamb chop, bacons, and lamb kebab complement with 3 side dishes of your choices. We had mashed potatoes, fries, and coleslaw.
This can feed about 2-3pax.

All meat is well marinated, but tough to bite as it is overcooked. Julz liked the lamb kebab. I prefered the pork loin if only it could be slightly more tender.

Apple Salad with Tuna Dressing that tasted like the can tuna poured into a bunch of mix greens. Nothing Special.

Their Shepherd Pie is pretty decent comfort food

The Batter Fish and Chips was a complete failure. Filled with thick salty batter, the fish is barely tastable. Good thing that the fries and tartare sauce save them from being a complete waste. We left the fish there untouched.

The kids ordered strawberry pancake for share. Too ordinary to recommend but kids loved it

Blue Cow Cafe also served normal american breakfast, so you can find scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and toast on the menu.

Our bill came up to approx RM300 between 7 pax.


Food: 5/10

Ambience: 6/10
(plus point for being pet friendly)

Service: 5.5/10

Presentation of food: 6/10

Overall: 5.5/10


Blue Cow Cafe
N-1-4, Plaza Damas
No. 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas

Tel: 03-62013206


Big Boys Oven said...

looks really cool! :)

May said...

It wasn't that chaotic ^_^
cant wait till our 2nd outing

Crusader said...

Stormy is cute!

AugustDiners said...

Big Boys Oven: Dont quite fancy the place =P
May: yesss! next week right? Can't wait!
Crusader: WHAT! Brownie and Cupcake is cute okayyyyy.....

Rebecca Saw said...

Hey! Looks like i'll skip ;p
I hv alws been on hunt for gd american brekkie cos i love those.
So far Pink Sage is good but I'm waitin for them to open in Solaris.

Also, wonder how do i read yr previous entries? I missed out a bit i think!

AugustDiners said...

thenomadGourmand: i've been meaning to visit Pink Sage for awhile now. It'll b much more convenient if they open in Solaris! Any idea when?

You can read our previous entries through our archive (at our affliates section), although we still dont know how to put a next button under the page. :( complete failure computer noobs! OH, and also any idea how to do the RSS feed?

Bean bin said...

WOW~ nice cafe ~ yr dog- Stormy is so cute.
can i take tat Stormy pic and other food pic to do my assignment? =)

AugustDiners said...

Bean bin: sure go ahead :)

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