One should be excited when they see new cafes sprouting around town, after all, there isn't many decent ones available, especially one that serves a good breakfast selection and decent coffee.

Antipodean gives us exactly that, a cosy cafe settings that remind us of Australia's. Blackboard were sprawled across the side walls of the cafe, serving the purpose of a menu, as well as a decor. Much to my delight, a whole list of breakfast items were available, and if they serve PORK bacon (yessss they do!), and all day breakfast (yesss they do too!), i'm SOLD. Scrolling down the menu on the board with alarming speed -i'm well trained like that. I was somewhat dissapointed that eggs benedict/ egg florentine wasn't one in the menu. There wasn't even a choice of poached/ scrambled for your big breakfast, how is that possible? i wish the owner who reads this re-consider to put it in! Trust me, all the breakfast lover would be thrilled!

Truth is, i was a bit hesitant to write this, fearful that if people discover this place, it will be swamped with people, and i end up not able to enjoy my peaceful sunday breakfast day here. But then i thought, heck with it, i'm sure word of mouth gets around faster than my measly little blog. And if eatdrinkkl wrote about it, there's really no hiding. :(

So among all the offerings of what sounds like a delicious set of menu, we opted for Pumpkin & Corn Fritter with Bacon (Pork Bacon yessssss!) for RM15. I had my expectations with Corn Fritter, Especially when you tried the ones in Mart130, Melbourne. You don't go for the secondary.
The version here tasted a bit odd to me, It was served in a soft texture filled with what i suspect an egg mixture and corn kernels with a mild taste of indian spices. It doesn't come with relish like the ones i was accustom to, and it was a bit dry. All in all, i didnt quite like it

Open shredded chicken sandwich (RM16) , sour dough topped with a bed of rocket leaves and a generous amount of shredded lean meat and drizzle with mayo-like sauce. Simple comfort food, but the chicken lacks seasoning, and the sauce fail to uplift the flavours.

Potato Salad on the side

Both dishes standard may not be up-to-par but i must add i'll still be back to try if not all, most of their items in the menu. i mean how can you resist banana pancake with butterscotch (RM14) Big Breakfast (RM18), or French Toast with bacon and maple syrup (RM18)?

Antipodean places a strong emphasis of their coffee, using quality coffee bean from Indonesia  , i've given their Cappuccino a try, it has a strong bitter lingering taste, but lacks the luscious coffee scent i look for, but gratefully, the foaming was perfectly done.  

Antipodean Cafe
20, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar, KL
Tel: 03-22820411
Open 8am- 10pm on all days


Baby Sumo said...

Pork bacon is sooooooo much better than beef bacon! :D

AugustDiners said...

baby sumo: i agree whole heartedly :)

Sean said...

that's pork bacon?! i thought i was served beef bacon when i was here! hmmmmmmm, a mystery! :D a bit strange though, cos there's no other pork on the menu...

Michelle Chin said...

pork bacon is yummers!

AugustDiners said...

Sean: mmm. you are indeed observant, come to think of it, i remember specifically he emphasize on pork bacon, because i got really excited about it haha

Michelle: Indeed it is! *slurps*

Rebecca Saw said...

NO benedict/ egg florentine/ poached/ scrambled eggs???
How can it be breakfast sets with no eggs???
Aiyoo.. ;p

AugustDiners said...

Rebecca: yessss its not logical to me, but they do serve scrambled.. if that helps :P

Anonymous said...

The best selling food from antipodean pork bacon,grilled chicken w/tomato,all day b.f, big b.f,Pumpkin & sweet corn fritter w/bacon,smoked salmon omelette,beef burger,banana pancake w/butter scoth,.................include all food:)

AugustDiners said...

Anon: wow de bestsellers sounds yum! Wud love to go back to try soon!

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