I feel like a foreigner as i descend my steps onto the far far away land namely, Taman Desa. A place i only go to once a year during CNY to visit my friends and coincidentally a couple of them stay around that area. Jalan Klang Lama has a sea of restaurant worth trying, and Nihon Kai is one of them.

Turns out that the restaurant is operated by a friend's relation, so during his birthday, i suggested to buy him dinner there. It helps that he offer to pick me up otherwise i'll be as lost as mary's little lamb.

Nihon Kai is a family friendly japanese restaurant that occupies 2 storey of a corner shop lot, it was hidden from the main road but oh boy, was i surprise with the amount of patrons there despite being a weekday.
The restaurant was packed to its brim, with tables and chairs spilling out onto the pavement, and the very scene continues despite being almost 10pm.  RESERVATION IS A MUST.

Naturally my expectation of the place lifted up by a notch. We were kind enough to be shown into the limited private rooms to ensure a quiet meal. The interior of the restaurant has nothing to brag about, with chinese restaurant resemblance chair, and worn out tables. Nevertheless it was comfortable and you can talk loudly without getting hard stares.

The menu covers a balance range of affordable offerings, with their main focus on bentos and set meals.
Expect to pay RM16-20+ for their set meals, and RM10+ for their lightbites.

Koebi Karaage (RM6) Deep fried shrimp nicely salted that goes well with sake

We strongly recommended the Shake Sashimi Salada (RM15.00) with it is what i suspect to be sesame dressing. The greens were so fresh and crunchy- organic i was told. And the sesame dressing complements perfectly.

Chuka Wakame (RM5). A mixture of cucumber and seaweed, lightly soaked with vinegar

My friend commented that the scrambled egg with rice varieties are quite popular in this restaurant, so i opt for the Torikatsunabe Sashimi. (RM20) A set combination consisting of chicken cutlet with scrambled egg and raw salmon and butterfish slices.
I find the chicken to be slightly in on the sweet side which is not to my preference, but the egg was nicely done, i.e. nice runny texture. The sashimis tasted fresh and i particularly liked the butterfish. All these plus chawanmushi, miso soup, pickled veges only comes up to RM20, what a deal!

Something similar with Rakuzen's Ebiten roll, the tempura ebi was rolled with vinegared sushi rice and fish roe.

Many may call this a super good deal. Imagine various type of sushi, including tuna, salmon, butterfish, octopus, ebi sashimis sitting on a bed of rice, looking pretty..and calling out your name.
All this for only RM26 you've got to be kidding me. But that is exactly what Chirashi Sushi offers. Although the sashimis were not at its highest grade, i'd say its still above average given the affordable pricing

Soft Shell Crab Karaage (RM16) was thinly battered and has a nice crispy texture. It was however quite unmemorable in taste.

Last but not least for desserts, the green tea ice cream. Not a home made version, but it was a refreshing end to a good meal.

Our bill came up to RM100 odds after a good discount


Food: 7/10
(good for the price)

Ambience: 5/10

Service: 6/10

Presentation of food: 6/10

Overall: 6/10


Nihon Kai
No. 4-2, Jalan Telok Gadong
Off Old Klang Road

Tel: 03-79823668


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah i loved this place too, cheap and uber big portions! there kobe too on certain days!

Michelle Chin said...

Never been to this place yet. Hey, have you tried edo jo at hartamas before?

Baby Sumo said...

Wah the prices are very reasonable..... thx for highlighting it :)

Sean said...

chirashi sushi! i think it's been years since i had that. ok, by hook or by crook, i'm gonna find some this month! :D

AugustDiners said...

joe: Kobe!!! yums! Time for revisit? hehe

Michelle: no i havent! is it any good?

Baby Sumo: yeah!! its superrrr cheap! Where else can you get all these with only 100 bucks!

Sean: search no further than nihon kai :D

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