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If anyone knows another good afternoon tea place, please let us know =)
For afternoon tea and quiet chitchats, i usually suggest Ritz Carlton.

Afternoon tea is only available at 3pm to 5pm.
They also have ala carte menu available, if you want to pay exorcist price for a fine lunch. (about RM50 for a starter and RM100+ for a main)

We were seated at a quiet corner. The harpist was playing beautiful soft music at the front. The soothing sounds with perfect ambience ensure us total relaxation.

Standard afternoon tea set for RM68++ with a selection of tea

The sweet delicacies on the second tier:- mini sweet mango cheesecake, melange of berries tartlet, raspberry chocolate, traditional prune and orange gateux, chocolate pot de cremo filo tart

Top tier consist of butter scone and walnut caramel scone with creme fraiche. We were each given a small shotglass of clotted creme and tiny tins of assorted berries jam

The savouries at the bottom tier:- Herb and lobster quiche, Double braised Wagyu cheek pie, watercress and cream cheese pinwheel, home-cured Atlantic salmon on poppy seed bagel

All beautifully presented, and taste wonderful.

My wonderful friends:

p.s. if you park at valet at Ritz, it will cost you RM20, and JW Marriot cost RM25
So why not park directly opposite Ritz open carpark space for RM5, it's just a few footsteps away. DONT BE LAZY.


Mr. B said...

I bet you jockey the car :P

Big Boys Oven said...

this is so nice and relaxing, dont mine getting your invitation too! lol! :)

May said...

jane looks funny

AugustDiners said...

Mr. B: How did you know :P

Big Boys Oven: Why not? let's go!

May: hahaha, she is my unwilling backdrop for this entry :D

eiling lim said...

I like the Ritz lobby lounge. I occasionally go there for a tea and a smoke.

AugustDiners said...

eiling: me too, perhaps we will bump into each other some day. =)

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