Fong Lye (Sri Hartamas) has been a frequent visit for me and family ever since it started, all these while we found it hard to pick-a-flaw about this place. It's family friendly atmosphere, well-trained staff, authentic taiwanese cuisine with reasonable price could just be the reason for our attachment to this place.

Fong Lye's first branch was in IMBI which apparently flairs even better than their sister outlet. As i am already satisfied to get my taiwanese fix in Hartamas, i dont see a reason to go there (as parking can be a b*tch), the Garden, Mid Valley outlet caters more to shoppers and  is very popular with diners who prefer a cheaper vesion of taiwanese cuisine. They are also opening one in SUNWAY soon, so subang-ers do look out for that!

Booth sittings at the corner is relaxing and comfortable. Their recent change of chairs is an attempt to make the place look more classy, but ended up being too bulky and congested.

Not in the menu but can be ordered, deep fried fish of your choice with the with their special starchy sauce with chilli, spring onions, garlic, and some capers looking thing. (which apparently you can't find it in malaysia)

Three Cup Chicken which i have tried imitating at home which taste nowhere near this. Guess i'll just have to brush up my skills (a lot), chicken is tender and absorb the wonderful flavours of basils and ginger, can i have another bowl of rice please?

Xiao yu Tofu, japanese tofu mixed with minced meat. The sweet picked vegetable blends well with the overall dish and the tofu was made smooth and silky
Taiwanese famous braised meat which we called "Lu Rou", it goes really well with white rice and porridge.

I always have to have a greens in my chinese meal, no matter what. A nice tender "fan shu yip" puts a smile on my face.

What i appreciate about Fong Lye is mostly the upkept of its quality. Ingredients are fresh and bought in small quantity. Most time when a restaurant get jammed packed, you will find their service level going down the drain, but in this case, no matter how busy the restaurant gets, the myanmar waiters were quick in responding to you, and swift with their movements, you can hardly see your cups dry. Some of them even know how to converse in Mandarin really well that may just put me/ some of u chinese to shame!
*luckily im still OK with my mandarin! can't say much for my cantonese though*

CY and my adorable grannie

note: reservation is a must must must! especially if you come in a big group!


Food: 9/10
Service: 10/10
(i seriously can't find flaws in the service, rebut me if u wish)
Ambience: 7.5/10
Presentation: 7.5/10

Overall: 8.5.10


Fong Lye Restaurant
9, Grd Floor,
Jalan19/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas

Tel: 03-62017998


Crusader said...

I've been to this place quite a number of times. My only point to note is that it is quite costly!

AugustDiners said...

Crusader: yes, the bill can stretch a little, but pay no attention to it! since there are very few good taiwanese fd in town, i'd say it's worth the price.

may said...

my dad love to go to their pudu main outlet. YES it is very impressive that the owner taught their foreign workers to speak in mandarin .

AugustDiners said...

May: uh-huh, maybe i should train my workers to speak mandarin too => imagine them speaking more fluent than me in future said...

Very bad services. Not the first come first serve!������Give the table to the regular customer instead of the customer who came 1st! And the waiters & waitress & 1 Chinese Man very x10 rude to the customers. said...

Yes I experienced once before...I oledi boycott n nvr visit again...
I think the staff should be trained properly...
I quite like the food there but just the lousy service i boycott it.., said...

Lousy services!
The waiters & waitress very very bad attitude & rude to the customer.

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