Time to bring you guys back to earth :D Namely- KuaLa Lumpur Baybeh!

Nathalie's Gourmet Studio has been buzzing with media attention lately. Just a week ago, Nathalie was mentioned alongside with Il Lido on being one of the popular fine dining eats in KL.

It comes to no surprise and Nathalie's certainly deserves to be in the spotlight with its originality in food servings to its popular Macaroons which some raves to be one of the best in town.
Their menu is not extensive but changes quite regularly (monthly if im not mistaken) that warrants diners to come back for more.

Located in Solaris Dutamas, the new concept development which looks like a promising homes to many new F&B outlets, it is a havoc trying to locate Nathalie's as it was situated not fronting the street but at the inner lane of the shops.

We were greeted by a pleasant interior of grey walls, minimalist arrangements with tall tables and chairs. Casual and relaxing. The Kitchen is open concept allowing diners to see the workings of its kitchen. Nathalie naturally is leading the team of chefs while the husband manages the floors with polite efficiency.
We were there after 3pm (which supposedly only serves desserts and light eats) but thankfully the owner's kind enough to let us order the full menu.
Over at the side, they were conducting a cooking class- and the lesson of the day was macaroons. For RM220 per pax, you get to experience a 5 hour lesson on how to make those gorgeous macaroons that was so well-received.

I love their interior. It's a good place to catch up with friends over a quiet meal.

With a perfect start that raises the bar high up is the Crab Mille-Feuille (RM27) with Pesto Sauce. We loved it to bits! I have always been accustomed to Mille Feuille, but often it was applied more to sweet gateau rather than savory ones like this!  
The combination of pesto, salsa, avocado puree and creamy crabmeats were such powerful mix it left us wanting for more.

Crispy Scallop Tart, Melted Onions, and sechouan pepper sauce (RM29)
This is by wonder one of the best tart i've ever had. OK, i've no idea what is sechouan pepper, initially i thought it was a spelling error meant for "Szechuan" but this foaming creamy substance is far from being anything spicy. It paired well with the scallop which was almost raw but delightfully fresh, and with the caramelized sweet onion and crispy pastries beneath, i was ready sing "halle-lu-yah"

Naturally after being totally blown away with their starters, came a high expectation with the main course. Halibut Brandade, Fresh Herb Emulsion, Garlic Chips (RM47) was sadly not to my liking. While the presentation added extra cookie points to this dish, the flavours paled in comparison.
Let me repharse, there's nothing PALED about the flavours of this dish as it was extremely salty to the extend of giving up after 4 to 5 small bites.
However, after a small investigation with the owner (WELL OKAY, i think it was more like ME demanding an explaination *im such a difficult customer hor?* hehe) Turns out that this dish is SUPPOSE to be salty. A further wikipedia exploration shows that Brandade is an emulsion of salt cod and olive oil.
The owner explained that normally they use COD fish for this type of cooking whereby the flesh was wrapped with salt and be marinated for a couple of days, and when used the fish will be soaked in water to take out the salty flavours. This method was commonly used in the olden days when they do not have a cooler to keep the fish fresh hence the use of salt to retain the freshness.
So.. if you're curious in trying some authentic cooking, you can still give this a go.

Half Cooked Salmon, Daikon, and Wasabi Puree, Coriander Pesto (RM37) My lunch date commented that the salmon tasted a bit bland. But since we were given generous heapings of pesto sauce which seemed to be a favourite ingredient use by Nathalie's, it was still a decent eat.

Girls always have a thing over desserts. We were no exception. And i'm please to state that Nathalie's dessert is really worth eating! It's a place where i could go there and just order everything in the dessert menu (which was not many- i think 5 or 6 choices) and just spend my afternoon indulged in such bliss heaven.
Raspberry Mille Feuille, Lytchee, and Raspberry Espuma, Lytchee Sorbet (RM22)

My creamy love affair with their Matcha Green Tea Tiramisu with a chocolate Touch (RM18), while the texture is nowhere like the authentic italian tiramisu, this is more creamy and packed with matcha flavours. The Chocolate Touch is really an icing to the cake. Bitter sweet in flavours. Rich and velvety in texture

Our decaf cappuccino was good too- our only comment however would be the coffee is not hot enough.

My Sweet Date. =D

Overall a wonderful dining experience and yes, i'll be back again on Oct, Nov, Dec so on so forth every month if they keep their standard high. While i wasnt quite impress with their main dishes, the appetizer and desserts has already woo-ed me to their doorsteps.

BTW, our bill came up to RM260+ which i just realised looking at the bill now that they served us the wrong BILL. whoever this bill was meant for sure loves her MACAROONS, because we paid for 16 of them! ... and the funny part is, i've sent back a wrong bill the first time, and turns out the second bill was also wrong! so patrons there a note of advice to check your bill!


Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Ambience: 8.5/10

Presentation of food: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


Nathalie's Gourmet Studio
Unit A4-01-5,
Solaris Dutamas

Tel: 03-6207 9572
Open on Mon- Sat from 9am-6pm ONLY


Sean said...

i suffered the distress of wrong billing (at another place) this week too! it was my bill, but the restaurant added a RM39++ risotto that we had actually canceled. was in a rush and only noticed it on the receipt after i got home. grrrrrr!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Good on you for asking for an explanation about the salty dish. (I have a soft spot for salt cod. :-D) Most people would just write it off as being too salty and never revisit. What a pity about the bill! The macarons are not cheap, and 16 is a fortune! Love the presentation of the desserts.

Ms. Jazz said...

Sean: yes! i can imagine your frustration, grr!

L.Lemongrass: Yups the dessert are well worth the visit! Yums, thinking of them makes me crave for more :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

but u should know by now, people don't drink their coffee hot! (after so many years in melbourne somemore, haha)

Ms. Jazz said...

joe: hehehe! yeah i guess you're right. I do miss Melbourne's Coffee! u must b having the time of your life there. :(
I prefer mine a bit hotter than usual but the ones in nathalie's are bordering warm only.

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