One thing i learn during my trip to Shanghai, do not necessary trust restaurant that claim with big bold words that they have 100 years history or when you see pictures of celebrities or royalties in the restaurant (i was fooled by Queen Elizabeth and AGAIN- Bill Clinton who seriously need a check on those tastebuds *more about this later*

Dumplings are very common food from China whereby locals often treat it as their staples/ dinner, so naturally when it comes to Xiao Long Bao, competition is really stiff. However, this does not seem to slow this particular chain down . 小杨生煎 seem to be a favourite among the rest as the whole shanghai practically lines up (literally) to get a taste of their famous fried dumplings. And by gosh, they even have their own FAN PAGE!

What's so special about this particular blooming chain is DEFINITELY not the service. (as it SUCKS beyond imaginable that im considering a rating of -3 if possible.
It is also not about its ambience as it was rather HOT and clammy.

REALLY.. you are just looking at this GLORIOUS, tender, well marinated pork minced and the bonus is the dumpling skin was just perfect without being too thick. The bottom part was crispy while the top skin remain an untouched thin layer. While taking a careful bite on the oh-so-sinful dumpling, you'll find yourself in further ecstacy as the sweet tasting soup spills out slowly but surely.

I went to the one on Huang He Road黄河路, the line wasn't that long, thankfully.. but being in such hot weather, PK was impatient and nearly want to leave- but luckily i manage to be persistent for once.
It was self service whereby after paying at the register you go to pick up your own dumplings. People in front of the line are ordering at least 8 pieces per portion, some even 16! You want to know what the catch is??

The catch is there's no catch! You can enjoy 4 pieces per portion for only RMB5 YUAN. I mean that's equivalent to RM2.5?? Needless to say, we went back there again the very next day.

We went crazy on Hello Kitty Shopping in Shanghai, One thing about Hello Kitty in China, they are ridiculously CHEAP! and it's not fake stuff too! I think it's because it's "MADE IN CHINA"? *snigger at own jokes* OK that's what NO SLEEP for entire night and work the very next morning does to you!

 Look what PK bought for me? It's a HELLO KITTY HE & SHE MUG and the SHE is sitting prettily in my office room right now looking all chiq and cute! If i have a BF right now, i'd definitely make him use the HE MUG in the office *evil laugh*
I know i know! i should really start acting my AGE


Food: 8.5/10
(Only the fried dumplings, the rest are OK)

Service: -3/10
(there i said it =P)

Ambience: What ambience?



Tel: 021-53751793

For more info, please refer to


qwazymonkey said...

OMG, you went to the same branch I went to last month. It's so good right? So juicy so succulent. It's oink heaven I tell you. I went back again again! And so cheap.

AugustDiners said...

qwazymonkey: YES im missing it already! :(

ClaudiaMorningstar said...

Bad service is terrible but dumpling looks amazing.

盛豐 said...


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