Taste Paradise is conveniently located at ION ORCHARD, one of the high end shopping malls along orchard road. What better to start the day with a quiet time having good dimsums before working those legs and wallet on much important things at hand, SHOPPING!

I've known of this place from LadyIronChef, whom blog has one of the most comprehensive eating guide in Singapore. I treated it like a bible during my recent SG trip.

We were skeptical at first (being in a mall and all- KL malls generally have terrible dimsums) but was quickly put assured upon walking into the restaurant. Inside pose some regal interiors with warm colours of mostly red and dark browns and semi-dim lightning creating an elegant atmosphere. We were there slightly early but already the place was filling up. Having not made any prior reservations, we were lucky to be given a seat on condition that we have to finish our meal within a set time frame.
For those who wishes more privacy, private rooms are available too.

The dimsums was delivered quick enough, and service are prompt. Our usual orders prawn dumplings, egg tart, fried bean curd skin with prawns, siew mai, etc was all well prepared with no complains.

But what is worth recommending would be the steam egg curstard bun aka lau sa bao

One serving comes in three pieces, but someone took and ate it before i had a chance to take pics, u know who u are :)

Tearing it into half, the glorious golden custard contents threatens to overspilll. It was every bit as good as i have expected, (whyever not? after all ladyironchef has claim that this is the best custard bun in singapore and vouch for it with her name) and so i devour each single bite with a reknown knowledge of how a delicious egg custard bun taste like, which i would say... YUMMMMMMM!
my only regret is we only ate one portion when i could easily finish three helpings. :D

Another dish that got us overly excited is the Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao. Reason because we had one of the best Xiao Long Bao's in Ding Tai Fung, Shanghai and has talked about it for a good few weeks after we got back, since then we seek high and low for a comparable in KL, even to check out din tai fung in pavillion only to be dissapointed with the ordinary selections.

While we still think the version of Din Tai Fung's still tops the chart, Taste Paradise's served pretty good ones too. The taste of foie gras was slightly milder, but the pork stuffing was smooth and tender, and the skin was made right. We ordered two portions of this!

Will i come back to Taste Paradise on my next visit to SG? definitely!! the egg custard bun is already calling my name. In the meantime, i have to satisfy my Lau Sa Bao's craving at Dragon-i, apparently they served pretty good version but i've yet to try it out!


Taste Paradise
No. 2, Orchard Turn

Tel: +6509 9660

(Open daily, dimsum starts at 11.30am on weekdays, and 11am on weekends)


Sean said...

i love the look of this place! very opulent. and since i'm a major fan of eggs, your recommendation sounds solid to me! :D

AugustDiners said...

Sean: Ahhh.. opulent is the word! i've been searching for the right description for this restaurant, but my vocabulary are limited to "elegant" hahaha :D yes yes, the custard bun was awesome!

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