Do you ever get really frustrated with people who turn up late for an appointment? For years I have master the skill of turning up fashionably late, the Malaysian way while able to think up ten thousand reasons to excuse myself. If the appointment is at 7.30pm, do expect my arrival at 8.00pm as most probably I will still be at home 7.30pm surfing Facebook and refuse to move my butt off my bed. Now you know my secret =)

Yesterday, I went to Reunion to dine with some friends. The classy Chinese restaurant with contemporary oriental interior at Bangsar Village II has won the heart of many- including me. It was my second visit there (naturally I was late-again, reason given: traffic jam. GEEZ I need to start being more innovative with my reasons), I could already hear my tummy growling hungrily, as soon as I sat down, I knew what to order.

One thing about starting Augustdiners with Crazieapple, we want to give the best to our readers, so even lazy me have to do some homework before venturing out to the restaurant. Luckily I have an anonymous great fan of REUNION who was able to advice me on all the good dishes there.

As with many Chinese restaurants, the varieties in the menu are extensive. The average price range of the dish is about RM20++ for regular sized and RM30++ for large. (Sharing portions) I’m eyeing quite a few which guarantees me another visit to try it out soon. *thumbs up*

Chinese spinach with superior stock. Would be great if they add some century eggs into it. But we like it nevetherless, the broth is tasty, and veges are always a "yes" in my dictionary

Choi Heong Tofu. (RM16.80) Believed to be homemade, we love how it was so fresh and tender.

Lychee Spare Ribs, crispy on the outside, with a hint of sour lychee taste

“I am a real pork fan”. There I said it. Dear Muslims out there please don’t hide in corners waiting to attack me with stones and pebbles. When it comes to Hokkien Mee, I demand EXTRA pork lard. And REUNION accepted my demand without making any noise. I like that. =) There is no doubt that Hokkien Mee is a clear favourite for the customers who dine here with almost every table ordering it. The prominent "wok" smell is the secret to a Good Hokkien Mee.

They have thoughtfully seperate out the pork lard from the noodles so that customers can adjust the amount to their preference. *take note of the sinfully good pork lard in the pic*
Happy diners of the night:

Service was attentive, up till the moment when the waiter decides to pour soya sauce all over me, my dress, LV bag, handphone and camera. OK…Skirt, phone, and camera I can forgive. BUT nobody messes with a Chinese girl’s LV BAG! *doing the Chris Carter Rush Hour imitation* I was not pissed, but extremely concern. The guys couldn’t keep laughing, not because of my misfortune but because of my priority of concern. HMPH…In the end, we did not receive any apologies from the management, but a mere sorry uttered by the scared to death waiter who looks at me like I’m deciding his ultimate fate. Of course I forgave him.
Our bill came up to RM130 without desserts.

Food: 7.5/10
(will definitely try the siu yok *roast pork* next time as i heard it is the next best thing beside elvis presley)

Service: 6/10
(3/10 after the soya sauce and LV bag incident)

Ambience: 7/10
(recommended for family dinners)

Presentation of food: 6/10
(small servings are good for 2-3 pax only)

Overall: 7/10

Lot 2F-17 & 18, Level 2, Bangsar Village II
Tel No: 03-2287 3770


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