Dont you ever wonder why delicious hawker food is always found in the "atap" unhygienic areas? I was jokingly told that it added the "extra" flavours, but i rather not go into that now.

Tao Heong Fish Head Noodles is situated at the corner of Jalan Tiong Nam. It may not seem to be foreign to most as we saw many newspaper cuttings plastered all over their walls, and at 11am the place was already filled with business patrons ready for a quick lunch.

How we came about this place was because i suddenly feel the need for Bak Kut Teh while my colleague insist on having fish head noodles. Two stubborn people really. Imagine my surprise when he brought me to this place that serves both our cravings.

The service was prompt and the waiters are polite. They made sure we are comfy at our table.

Fish head noodles (RM6/ pax) is really worth eating as they were very generous with the ingredients. There were lala, tofu skin, veges, fish heads, fishballs, and yam slices. What i really liked is that they used thick vermicilli. The broth is not overpowered by evaporated milk and was very comforting to our tummy. *Thumbs up* How i wished their fish head has a little more meat though.

Our Bak Kut Teh (RM8/pax) came in somewhat large portion and again generous ingredients. With beancurd skin, veges, pork combinations, enoki mushrooms, button mushroom, it was enough to satisfy my BKT cravings but definitely can find better ones elsewhere.

I was stuffed by then, but how could i resist dessert? So we walked opposite the street to get some eggtarts. Apparently HK Artist Ella Koon also went to the stall, so it must be good? One piece of egg tart cost RM1...a bit too pricey, you think?

I bought three flavours, normal egg tart, pandan, and sweet corn. It tasted VERY ordinary and definitely not worth RM1 each, they shouldnt put Ella's face there to con people like us =(

Tao Heong Fish Head Noodles
Jalan Tiong Nam,
Off Jalan Raja Laut

(parallel street to Ong Lai)


Bangsar-bAbE said...

I used to go there for the fish head noodles! But it's super hot a sauna. LOL

AugustDiners said...

Bangsar-babe: hehe, yes why cant they serve food like dis in an air conditioned room *pff*

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