It wasn't the best day for us, we were grumpy, hungry and impatient. It will be a tough day to please.

Please remind me again why i hate to drive down to Bangsar on a Friday Night, because despite all the experience on being stuck in a dead jam, i still find myself heading there ALL THE TIME. Should i be annoyed with myself?

It took us almost 1 hour to drive from Location A to Location B, when in normal jam-free days i could reach in 20 mins. What's more irritating is upon heading to BSC valet parking, came down from the car and got chase back up, apparently the valet parking is full. i thought i just saw them park the car in front of me?? !%$#%!% 

We decided to head to Cafe Barbera which is just a short distance away, it was raining and we were drenched only to find out that the cafe is closed for a private event. Can things get even worse?

In the end, with thick face we relunctantly made our way back to BSC parking lot, i hesitant as im not exactly a good parker... but with little luck, we found a parking spot soon enough *phew*

We venture ourselves to Vineria with great determination. The new italian restaurant is situated next to British India and it was already packed to the brim, we were very lucky to be offered the last table available. With live band playing at the back of the restaurant, and chatters heard among the crowd, it defines a relaxing and casual atmostphere that so suited for big groups and family outings (dont worry about shouting across the table here)

Just as i felt my mood uplift a little by my surroundings, it went steadily downhill towards the rest of my meal.
I forgave them as they were still new, but just to be picky, their service was terrible.

Our dishes arrived 40 minutes after, while SY had to wait for her pizza for an hour plus. We asked for empty glasses which took 20 mins to return?

Their staff is not trained to know the menu. The waiter does not even know what she's serving and looked at me with much blurness.

I'd say give them time to adjust and be patient. (VERY PATIENT)

Im seeing a potential in this restaurant as they have some interesting offerings in the menu.

Ravioli d' Anitra (RM32)- duck stuffed homemade ravioli fried with white truffle butter and sage. Soft and Flavourful.

Seafood Marinara Pizza (?) that came 1 hour later. The base is crisp and thin, topped with fresh tomato paste, cheese, shrimps, mussels, clams, and scallops. The seafood itself is flavourful, but how i wish they took off the shells, because the seafood flavour did not sink in the dough.

Pisstachio Milkshake - Light with slight taste of pisstachio, if only it was thicker.

Our bills came up to RM160+ without starter and desserts


Food: 6/10
(authentic italian cooking, with interesting menu)

Ambience: 7.5/10
(great for outings with friends and families)

Service: 3/10
(i believe it'll be better, training needed)

Presentation of food: 6.5/10

Overall: 6/10



G-133, Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Tel: 2287-7889


Jo said...

This place looks impressive! Where exactly is it located on the ground floor?

AugustDiners said...

Jo: can't really recall the exact location, but look out for British India and Kiehl on Ground Floor BSC, its easy enough to find, you may also ask the service counter :)

Rebecca Saw said...

oh dear...guess its nothin new since Bar Italia ws jz as bad.
But at least they got the ravioli right (in terms of taste).
and why would one put seafood in their shells on pizza dough???

Ms. Jazz said...

thenomadGourmand: ooo.. was Bar Italia bad too? but i heard good things about them. Went to Vineria for second visit in hope that my opinion will improve, yet another dissapointment

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