Just a quick one before i buried my head back into work.

How did you celebrate your father's day?
It is not often we get to do something special for our dad, so every year, we scratches our heads thinking hard on what to do for the only special guy in my life (ok, that sounds so wrong)

As daddy always go out for entertainment most days of the week, we thought it'll be good to have him relax at the confinement of his own home, but we arent really keen on doing much cooking, so my sister came up with the fussy-free idea of HOTPOT.

Here are some photos to share:- (again apologies for the bad quality photos, you'll have to get used to it until i figure out the settings hahaha)

Yum yum, we had a choice of szechuan soup base, and clear soup base. No prize for guessing right which one i opted for

Then there was the customary dipping sauces

The absolute necessities: beef slices, and lamb slices

Vast amount of food that can feed the whole kampung, according to my mom
Oh well, better over prepared then under prepared right? =)

Our Alcohol bites: Yung Kee HK's Century egg is the bestest!!

Desserts is no other than chocolates from PATCHI, *licks*

Last but not least- drinks!! We're a bit more adventurous on this special day 

Did couple of shots of china's Bai Jiu, and Sake

Then proceed to my favourite PATRON's Coffee Tequila

Ended with some Glenmorangie Single Malt Whiskey

Last but not least, my gift to daddy dear.


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