Hello hello!! I know we're a little fashionably late, but Augustdiners wishes our readers the best of YEAR 2012! May you be blessed with great success, happiness, and good health!
Thank you for your support for the past years, although we haven't exactly been too active in food blogging of late. However, nothing too late for a new year resolution right? That is.. we vow to blog more often this year *fingers crossed*

Whilst i dont entirely call Augustdiners a very good food blogger (there i admit it!), in fact we admire those passionate bloggers whom writes marvelously, frequently and take such beautiful pictures, and often we hope to do the same, somehow, but we never quite meet the mark, our writing is very elaborated, long-essay writings that people tend to scroll for only the pictures (admit it readers!), our pictures is never the most appealing, thanks to my non-reliable old lumix camera (yes... always blame the camera and not the skills) =P
But given all those flaws in us, we are very happy to receive the tiniest comments, encouragements, and feedbacks... once in a bluer moon, i get people who tells me they read my blog, or their friends of friends of friends read our blog, we felt the tiny bit of satisfaction, so i could only imagine how those famous food bloggers out there must have felt with all those recognition.

And it's not always all good. We are known to give the downright honest feedback on places, if the place sucks, i waste no hesitation to said otherwise. Sometimes, we did get negative feedbacks from readers (thank god not often) whom always seem to have a common name call "Anonymous", we embrace all comments with an open heart. We have big heart like that. hehe!..

OK i lied. I didnt exactly have an open heart, more like staring at the comments on screen for a good seconds and thinking all sorts of good comeback that i could have written to rebut them.
But at the end, i always relent and ignore them. Because i figure silence is the best medicine and females are really good that doing that. =)

So, year 2011 we've only manage to achieve 50 over posts, some i'm even shy to call it a post hehe! It just wasnt as exciting adventure as the previous year, and we've encounter many restaurants which we did not end up writing because it wasnt remotely good.

What's in store for Augustdiners in 2012? Crazieapple has just started working and is back in Malaysia for good, she did explore many restaurant frequently due to her change of "status" however she is uberly lazy to write about it at most times, so lets see whether i can change her mind on that.
As for myself, i'm looking forward to a brand new year of writing and exploring. I hope to expand my knowledge on all food types, i hope to probably change a new blog layout (r u sick of ours already?), and we really need to expand our photo storage, currently we've already burst it!
I also wish to travel more this year to explore food-of-the-world, lastly also to improve my culinary skills (or the lackof it) =P We'll definitely be doing more Augustdiners Breakfast Club because if there's anything im excessively passionate about, its breakfast, eggs, and coffee- so keep tuned.

Once again, thank you for reading our blog!!! We love y'all to bits!



ulric said...

I would blame d lighting :P


Happy New Year! Best of luck for 2012 :)

Michelle Chin said...

this post is probably the best post i've ever read dedicated to 2012.

it's just honest that i love it~

AugustDiners said...

Uric: happy new year to you too! (:

Michelle: aww u say the sweetest thing :p

Baby Sumo said...

Happy New Year! My new year resolution would be leaving more nice comments for u this year :D

AugustDiners said...

Baby sumo: haha!! Why thank u!! I suppose I have to blog more for u to leave me more niceee comments!! :p

Sean said...

here's wishing both of ya a fun & fruitful year of blogging & everything else! 50 posts a year sounds solid ... it's like once a week (which is much, much, much more frequent than my exercise routine, heheh) :D

AugustDiners said...

Sean: Aww thanks! somehow i think u are mocking us! teehee!! now it's 11/01 and ive only put up half a post =( need to work harder!

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